It Is Ok to Feed My 3 Month Old Puppy Adult Dog Food?

Friday, March 23rd 2018. | Dog treatment

As a dog lover you need to learn everything about dog including it is ok to feed my 3 month old puppy adult dog food? Some people do it because they want to reduce the cost of dog food by sharing the adult dog food. So, how about the fact?

Is it ok to feed my 3 month old puppy adult dog food

Puppy and Adult Dog Need Different Nutrition

The first thing to know is that 3 month old puppy is different than adult dog including in the term of their nutrition. So, what do you have to do is choosing the best dog food based on their age. Each of dog food has been formulated with complete and balance nutrition. Just remember that 3 month puppy need different types of nutrition than adult dog and it is the same with serving food for baby and food for adult or teenager in human. Let say, puppy needs to eat dog food contains of calorie but adult dog doesn’t need calorie as many as puppy needs. Puppies need more calories to keep their bones, muscles, tissues, and vital organs grow well and healthy. Moreover, 3 month puppy need to more energy to keep them active. That’s why giving dog food contains of calorie is very important.

Best Food for 3 Month Puppy

There are several things you should know to choose the best dog food for 3 month puppy. First, you have to make sure that the food has been passing through the AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Official standard. Second, because you want to feed your lovely 3 month old puppy it means you also need to make sure that it is a growth and reproduction dog food. Growth and reproduction dog food is designed for puppies, pregnant and nursing dogs. So, it is ok to feed my 3 month old puppy adult dog food? Just read the label first and if it is stated that the food is for all life stages it means you are allowed to give the food. You can buy such kind of dog food and you can give it to your beloved adult dog and cute puppies.

Dog Food for Puppy and Adult Dog is Different

The importance to separate between dog food for puppy and adult dog except all life stages food is because those foods have different biological ingredients and needs. You should give your lovely puppy some foods which contain of protein, vitamin minerals, and carbohydrate to keep them active and healthy. As the result, they can grow as a healthy and strong adult dog. Moreover, puppy food is designed small and chewy because puppy has small size of mouth. On the other hand, adult has bigger mouth and ready to eat bigger and harder texture of dog food. Puppy can eat their food comfortably and protect their jaws and teeth from serious injuries. You also don’t need to give too much food to your cute puppy because they still have small stomach. This explanation is clear enough to answer is it ok to feed my 3 month old puppy adult dog food? Then, you can start to feed your puppy and adult dog in the right way for their own health.