My Dog Won’t Eat Dog Food, Only Human Food?

Sunday, April 15th 2018. | Dog treatment

Some of dog owners are afraid and said my dog won’t eat dog food, only human food? The information below is trying to answer that question and make dog owners know how to treat their dogs.

My dog won't eat dog food, only human food

How to Treat Picky Dogs

If your dog loves to eat human food than dog food, they are considered as a picky dog. The good news, there are some human foods which considered as a safe food for dog. So, it is okay for your dog to eat human foods as long as you only give the safe one. Just remember that not all human foods are safe and some of them even dangerous for dog. The best treatment is of course introducing your dog with dog food while letting them eating your food. The list below is some human foods which safe for your lovely dog.

Peanut Butter

You may let your dog eat peanut butter. The main reason is because this food contains of protein, good fatty acids, vitamin B, and vitamin E which is also good for your dog. One thing you need to remember, you must choose the raw and unsalted peanut butter and without artificial sweetener. The artificial sweetener is not good for the health of your dog. They might be sick after eating peanut butter with artificial sweetener.


Chicken is also a good human food for dog. Actually, this is a common food for dog because some dog foods are also made of chicken. The best way to give chicken is by mixing it with the regular dog food. By giving chicken meat, your dog will get enough protein.


Don’t get surprise and upset if your dogs love to eat cheese. Luckily, cheese is also a safe human food for dog. The most important, you have to make sure that your dog is not a lactose intolerant dog. You have to see how the dog reacts after eating cheese. If you need a reference, you can give your lovely dog cottage cheese. This fact keeps you calm and don’t ask any more about my dog won’t eat dog food, only human food?

Baby Carrot

Some of dogs love to chew baby carrot. Don’t stop it and let them finish their meal. Baby carrot is a good option especially to train their teeth. The essential compounds such as vitamin A, fiber, and beta carotene are also useful not only for human but also for dog. Baby carrot is a low calorie food alternative for your lovely dogs.


If you need to add different type of food for your dog, you may choose salmon. Salmon is not only good for human but also for dog. Salmon is the source of Omega 3 fatty acids which keep the health of the coat. As the result, your dog will have a shiny and healthy fur. Salmon helps your dog to keep active and away from any diseases along with better immune system. Try to give salmon oil or salmon skins and see how your lovely dog reacts on it.

In the end, you can explain to your friends anytime they say my dog won’t eat dog food, only human food? As well as giving the list of safe human food for dogs.