Recommended Dog Food Brand for Siberian Huskies

Friday, December 8th 2017. | Dog treatment

What are some good dog food brands for Huskies? – Siberian Husky is a handsome and athletic dog to make an amazing working dog and also a family dog. However, caring for this wolf-like dog can be quite challenging. Among the challenges is getting the right food for daily diet. The right food diet allows the Huskies in good shape and in good wellness while wrong choice for food diet will lead into various health problems. What are some good dog food brands for Huskies? That’s the question to answer in this article. So, keep on reading.

What are some good dog food brands for Huskies

There are several characteristics of Husky dogs we need to understand when choosing the right dog food. This mid-size dog is breed for long endurance and agility. Huskies tend not to eat anything given to them. They only eat until they feel full. The more active the dog, the bigger appetite she has. As Siberian Husky was bred as working dog, this dog needs diet of high quality protein and fat that is suitable to wildlife diet of its ancestors.

Several health issues are also important factors to choose the right dog food for Siberian Husky dogs:

Lactose Intolerant

Huskies can’t digest lactose properly. For this, it is important to avoid dairy products and any dog food containing milk and dairy among its ingredients

Grain Allergies

Huskies are usually not allergic to high quality grain such as barley, rice, or oats. However, it is very important to avoid filler grain such as wheat or corn.

Eye Problems

Huskies have bigger risks of eye problems including retinal atrophy, cataracts, and corneal dystrophy. Rich ingredients of Vitamin A, C, E as well as DHA will be preferable for daily diet.

There are trends of feeding dog with raw food as it is more natural and closer to its wildlife habitat. However, feeding your husky with dry dog food isn’t wrong as long as you choose the right product that meets the dog’s balanced nutritional needs. What are some good dog food brands for Huskies? We have the recommended list for you.


This is a brand of dog food much loved by many dog owners. This brand is really proud of the 90% meat ingredients of its dog food products. Fresh protein sources of chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish are the main ingredients enriched with fruit, vegetables, and supplements. All products are grain free and no preservative.

Nutro Max

A well known dog food brand for large dog breeds, it is specializing in natural nutrition. This brand has suitable product for Siberian Husky: Natural Chicken Meal and Rice. The main ingredients are farm-raised chicken proteins and whole grain rice. No artificial flavors or colors, no by-products, and no preservatives.

Ziwi Peak

The main ingredients are venison meat, venison organs, and small amount of finely ground bone. It is the most nutritionally dense dog food available in the market with 98% protein. It’s the closest one to raw food.

Blue Buffalo

This brand is also very popular as alternative to raw dog food. The main ingredients are bison protein with healthy grains and vegetables to offer balanced nutrition. It also contains rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That’s all about “What are some good dog food brands for Huskies?”