Storing Canned Dog Food in the Fridge

Wednesday, April 18th 2018. | Dog treatment

Is it bad not to refrigerate canned dog food after opening? Canned, wet dog food is undoubtedly an incredibly delectable meal option. Not only does it contain tasty flavour that your pet will absolutely love, it also contains all of the essentials such as vitamins. Speaking of its quality, canned dog food also tends to be much more fresh compared to its dry counterpart. A factor that makes it a better option.

Is it bad not to refrigerate canned dog food after opening

While its benefits are no longer to be questioned, dog owners often find themselves wondering whether or not it’s the right choice. Do owners who decide on giving their furry animals wet canned food are often related to its portion. Yes, not every dog can actually eat the whole can by itself. More often than not they can only eat half or more than that portion, and dog owners will have to face a certain dilemma.

Understanding shelf life and storage

Instead of tossing out your dog’s leftovers for fear of spoilage, why not keep them? Yes, there are actually quite a few ways to ensure you get the best out of your dog food. As a good rule of thumb, never skip taking a peek at its ‘best before’ date. This information is typically printed on the bottom of your can, giving owners a clear guideline on how to properly store the wet food.

In an ideal setting, dogs will always consume their food right away. However that is not always the case as they may leave some leftover which they will end up eating later. Is this safe? This most commonly asked question almost always refers to wet food. Unlike dry dog food, wet food is far more susceptible to bacteria and mold growth.

Leaving their food outside for a prolonged period of time may end up disastrous as it leads to contamination. With its high level of moisture, the food will go bad in just a couple hours. If you notice your dog did not finish their food in one sitting, you may leave it out in the open for 4-hours at most. If leftover is left untouched, discard and clean the bowl thoroughly. So, is it bad not to refrigerate canned dog food after opening?

Storing wet dog food in the fridge

What if your can of dog has a large portion that is too much for one feeding? The answer is none other than the fridge of course. Storing them in the fridge with a temperature set between 40 to 45-degrees. Not only does this help your food to stay in good condition as it ensures maximum freshness, it also effectively prevents bacterial contamination.

Depending on the formula of the food and the brand, you get to store an opened can in the fridge for up to seven days. However, to ensure maximum freshness and avoid mold growth on the surface, you must do a few extra steps. Yes, by resealing the opened can with cling wrap and snap the top, you will be able to create a tight seal that properly protects. By retrospect, the answer to Is it bad not to refrigerate canned dog food after opening? Is yes, and should be avoided.