The Average Cost of a Dog Daycare Center

Sunday, November 12th 2017. | Dog treatment

Sending your dog to a dog daycare center can give you, and also your pooch, plenty of advantages. Instead of sleeping alone all day long at home, he can play, exercise and also socialize with fellow furry friends. But now the question is, how much does it cost for doggie daycare and how to choose the best one? To make sure you can make the best choice, here is some information to help you.

The Average Cost of a Dog Daycare Center

How Much Does It Cost for Doggie Daycare

The cost of a doggie daycare will vary according to the location of the place as well as the service it provides. If there are plenty of doggie daycares available in your area, the price usually will be cheaper and you can also find variety of service since the daycares are competing with each other. For a half day service, usually around five to six hours per day, the cost can start from as low as $10 to around $25. Meanwhile for full day service, averagely the cost is ranging from $20 to $50.

Furthermore, please note that there might be some additional costs that you need to pay. Firstly, the first time you come to the daycare center, you might need to pay an application fee and it can cost around $3 to $30. In addition, you also need to pick your dog up in time. Otherwise, you will be fined. If you think it is too difficult for you to pick up your dog after work, you can apply for pickup and delivery service. It costs around $5 to $10 and it certainly will be cheaper than paying fines because you can’t pick up your dog on time.

Services to Expect

When it comes to doggie daycare center, there is no such thing as too expensive. As long as the services match the price, you and your dog certainly will be satisfied. No matter which doggie daycare center you choose, there are some standard services that every decent dog daycare will have. Firstly, it must have indoor and outdoor playing area so the pooches will not get bored.

Furthermore, every activity also will be supervised by professional. Whether it is swimming time or socializing with other dogs, a professional supervisor will always keep an eye on the dogs to avoid any accidents. If the daycare doesn’t have those two basic aspects, it is time to find a better place.

Tips to Find the Best Dog Daycare

To find a great place for your pup to spend his day while you are working, there are some things that you need to do. Firstly, make sure it asks you to provide proof of vaccinations. If it doesn’t, you are putting your dog in a great risk because the other dogs might not have up-to-date vaccinations.

Furthermore, make sure you visit the facility first before making the decision. As the owner, you are the one that knows the most about your dog. If you think the place is dirty or simply too small for your dog, find another place immediately. Your dog comfort and happiness need to be your first consideration when choosing a doggie daycare.