The Best and Most Affordable Alternatives to Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Wednesday, April 18th 2018. | Dog treatment

What would be a cheaper alternative to Blue Buffalo dog food without sacrificing the protein and nutrients? Choosing the right diet for your furry companion can be quite challenging. The fact that our pets need proper nutrient for their health and growth is not a task that can be taken lightly. Ever since the danger of grains and fillers found in commercially prepared as been unearthed, many pet owners set out on looking for the best grain-free dog food.

What would be a cheaper alternative to blue buffalo dog food without sacrificing the protein and nutrients

One of the most popular brands on the market is Blue Buffalo. Although it may not be relatively cheap, Blue Buffalo has been found to be pack on complete nutrients for our dogs. However, recently many pet owners found a conundrum where they found their pets still get stomach issues from grains. For that reason, we have complained completely grain-free dog food, with premium quality and affordable price.

Purina Beneful Grain-Free with Chicken

Comes in a 12.5lb bag, this option is undoubtedly the best deal you can ever find on the market. With just 14-dollars for a bag, you will be able to provide your dog with premium quality food with chicken in its formula. The brand sticks to its grain-free and filler-free formula by using real ingredients from farm-raised chicken as its primary ingredient.

Your dog will absolutely love Purina Beneful for its incredible taste as well. The formula is further made enticing with vegetables and fruits essence such as pumpkin, spinach, and blueberry. Ensuring its well-rounded formula for healthier and more energetic dogs. Keep reading to find out what would be a cheaper alternative to Blue Buffalo dog food without sacrificing the protein and nutrients?

Sport Dog Food Elite Formula

Do you need the highest quality dog food formula for your working or sporting dogs as well as incredibly active puppies? You can never go wrong with Sport Dog Food Elite Formula! Not only completely grain-free, it’s wholesome and incredibly unique blend of organic raw vegetable and fruits also provides with unique nutrient profile.

As its primary source protein, Sport Dog Food Formula is made with real premium beef. Giving your active dogs an adequate protein to fuel their activity throughout the day. With such combination, your dogs will undoubtedly healthier and more active. The best of all is the fact that the formula is also a perfect choice for those with sensitive stomach as it does not contain canola oil, peas, pea fiber, pumice or even beetroot.

Nutro Max Grain Free

Containing zero grain in its formula, Nutro Max guarantees to leave your dogs satisfied. This affordable kibble is not only offering great deals, but also natural ingredients that ensure health. Made entirely of farm raised chicken, with all natural ingredients such as potatoes and legumes, dogs will undoubtedly love its savory delicacy. Its smaller kibble size makes it a perfect choice for dogs of all sizes.

Not only that, this great tasting dog food is completely free of corn, soy protein, by-product meals, and even wheat. Other than these options, Diamond Naturals Grain-Free and Iams Grain-Free Naturals are among the best alternatives. Still wonder what would be a cheaper alternative to Blue Buffalo dog food without sacrificing the protein and nutrients?