The Cost of Diagnosis and Treatment for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Thursday, October 12th 2017. | Dog treatment

Cushing’s disease in dogs cost of treatment can be very expensive. This disease causes your dog’s body to produce too much hormone cortisol which can cause various health problems. It cannot be totally cured so your dog will need a lifetime treatment. To help you give the best treatment to your dog, let’s find out about the treatment cost for Cushing’s disease.

Cushing's disease in dogs cost of treatment

The Cost of Diagnosis

When simpler health problems have been ruled out, the vet can send your dog for blood test and urinalysis which cost around $300. Once Cushing’s syndrome is suspected, the vet will do LDDS and ACTH test which will find out how your dog reacts to cortisol. ACTH will show problems caused by adrenal abnormality while LDDS is used to diagnose problems in the pituitary gland. These tests cost around $200.

Cushing’s disease is mostly caused by tumors. So the vet also might do ultrasound test to figure out the location of the tumor as well as whether the tumor has spread to other areas. The cost of ultrasound test is about $350.

Please note that Cushing’s disease can be very difficult to diagnose. This is because the symptoms are similar with other diseases. Furthermore, Cushing’s disease mostly happens to old dog so it is very easy to assume that the condition is caused by old age. To make diagnosis more effective, you must pay close attention to your dog and report to the vet for any abnormalities.

The Cost of Treatment

  1. Surgery

One of the most common treatments for Cushing’s syndrome in dogs is surgery. However, surgery is only possible if the tumor is found in the adrenal gland. If the tumor is found it the pituitary gland, the vet will consider other treatment options since brain surgery in dogs is very dangerous.

The cost of adrenal tumor surgery depends on the size of the tumor as well as whether the tumor has expanded to other areas or not. Normally, surgery costs $3,000 to $6,000. If surgery is not possible, radiation treatment can be an option but it is just as expensive, around $2-500.

  1. Medications

Dogs with Cushing’s disease will depend on medication for their entire life. Please note that the dosage of the medicine will depend on your dog’s weight so the cost will depend on it as well. One of the most popular medicines for this disease is Lysodren. Even though it causes many side effects, it is considered the most effective, the cheapest and the easiest to administer. For medium size dog, the cost of a month supply of Lysodren is about $25.

If Lysodren is too strong for your dog, the vet will prescribe Anypril or Trilostane. Unfortunately Anypril can only be used for Cushing’s disease that is caused by Pituitary tumor. Meanwhile, Trilostane is expensive but not as effective. The cost of one month supply of Anypril and Trilostane are $65 and $80 respectively.

Overall, Cushing’s disease in dogs cost of treatment will vary according to the condition of your dog as well as his weight. Besides the cost mentioned above, you also should not forget to count the cost of routine checkups, and if your dog got a surgery, hospital stay and postoperative treatments.