Understanding How to Care for Pit Bull Puppies

Saturday, November 11th 2017. | Dog treatment

As a new owner of a pit bull puppy, naturally you find yourself wondering how to care for pit bull puppies? Successfully raising a puppy largely depends on how well you are teaching them the myriad of rules on domestic living. For the next few weeks after their arrival becomes what will be the most critical weeks as that will be a prime period for you to lay the groundwork and bond with your puppy. To help set you up for success, see our following tips on how to properly raise and care for your pit bull puppy.

Understanding How to Care for Pit Bull Puppies

Start socializing and training your pit bull puppy early

While pit bulls are rarely aggressive without reason towards humans, they can be fairly aggressive towards other animals. Add the fact that they were originally bred to fight other dogs and animals, you have all the more reason to start socializing and training them from young age.

The purpose of socializing them fairly early on is to help them get proper control over their prey instinct. Start at home by calling their name and teaching them to look at you whenever their name is called. Be sure to use positive reinforcement method by giving him a treat every time he gets it right on command. Avoid introducing your pit bull puppy to another dog or animal until after they are used to following your simple commands.

Other basic commands that you must teach them early on is “sit,” “come,” and “stay.” These commands are very important and useful, especially at those times you notice your puppy’s bad behavior. They can also be used to redirect your puppy’s attention when you sense they are about to misbehave. For example, there is always a possibility where your energetic puppy wants to jump on anyone. Stop them using one of the commands, and if they stop immediately – you have succeeded in training them.

Always reward them with treats and praises, and when they’re ready, it’s time to introduce them to other animals. Always start by putting them on a leash and mentioning their name, wait until they respond by looking at you before you proceed to let them sniff the other animal and engage play. If they start barking or howling aggressively, put them in a different place and wait until they calm down.

Always strive to keep interactions short, but positive

After putting them in a time-out, they will most likely calm down and understand that the only acceptable way to socialize is by behaving properly and politely. This is also the reason why you must make sure they don’t greet other animal while jumping, let alone pull the leash while walking and biting albeit playfully. Your pit bull puppy must learn biting inhibition from early on, repeatedly telling them no will eventually make them realize that it is unacceptable.

Positive training

Persistent positive training will not only improve the loving bond you and your puppy share, but will also significantly reduce the chance of triggering any sort of negative behavior. So what do you think, are you still wondering how to care for pit bull puppies?