What Animals Can Eat Dog Food?

Wednesday, March 21st 2018. | Dog treatment

What animals can eat dog food? You will ask this question if there is dog food stock at home. It seems that you want to give the food to other animals if it is okay. So, let’s take a look the fact.

What animals can eat dog food

Dog Food for Cats

Most people think that they can give dog food to cats because there are some cats love to eat dog food. The fact is that you are not allowed to do it. The main reason is because dog and cat has different needs such as different needs of protein, amino acid, fatty acid, and Taurine. Lack or too many those kinds of essential compounds lead to health problems. In fact, most of dog foods designed with small amount of vitamin A, Taurine, fatty acid, and protein because dogs can create it by themselves whereas cats need a lot of those essential compounds.

Dog Food for Hamsters

Do you have hamsters and dog at home? Do you think that you can share dog food to you cute hamsters? Luckily, you are allowed to give dog food to hamsters and the best option will be canned dog food. The reason is because hamsters are omnivore and they also love to eat meat as well as fruits and vegetables. In fact, canned dog food gives them enough protein for their health and diet. Besides giving them canned dog food, you can also let them eat crickets or mealworms. Now, you have one good answer about what animals can eat dog food?

Dog Food for Birds

How about if you fed dog food to birds? Does it dangerous for birds? This is the second good news for you because dog food is safe for birds. In fact, most of large birds eat dog food. People tend to do it as a more affordable alternative if they have dog and bird at home. You may give bird dog food because it contains of protein and fat. Sometimes, you need to soak the dog food with water to make it softer especially if you want to give it for baby or smaller birds. Of course, it is better to give their best food such as seeds, fruits, insects, berries, and many more. Those best foods keep their high quality of sound, fur color, and their overall health.

Dog Food for Ducks

You have to give the right food for duck otherwise they are suffered from various health problems. That’s why, it is better not to give ducks dog food. In fact, you are not allowed to give ducks bread, chips, crackers, cereal, sweet foods, and moldy foods. Those foods might give serious side effect to their wings and overall health. Instead of that, you must give ducks specific foods such as corn, seeds, rice, lettuce, oat, and peas.

The point of the explanation above, dog food is safe for some animals but you should give them their own foods for safety option. Just make sure that those animals are okay to eat dog food before feeding it. The list above is enough to give you wider overview about what animals can eat dog food?