What are Some Dog Foods without Copper Proteinate or Copper Sulfate?

Friday, March 30th 2018. | Dog treatment

Finding the best dog food is tricky especially when it is related to complicated compound such as copper proteinate or copper sulfate. This article is trying to show you about what are some dog foods without copper proteinate or copper sulfate?

What Is Copper Sulfate

Before finding out what are some dog foods without copper proteinate or copper sulfate? You have to know that copper proteinate is a controversial ingredient. Some experts said that copper sulfate is good to give enough copper for your lovely pet. On the other hand, some other also said that this ingredient is a dangerous ingredient and can harm your beloved pet. What you need to know, dog need copper but they can’t make it by themselves. To give enough amount of copper, dogs need to eat food contains of copper. The important note is how many copper used in the dog food because too many copper can harm the dogs. Some food manufacturers choose the safest way by changing the copper sulfate into chelated copper or copper proteinate. Chelated copper is a good option because it is easy to absorb and meet the need of your lovely dogs.

What are some dog foods with out Copper Proteinate or Copper Sulfate

Dog Foods without Copper Sulfate

So, what are some dog foods without copper proteinate or copper sulfate? There are some of popular dog food brands which offer such kind of product. The first dog food product is Acana dog food. This product is a premium and a trustworthy dog food along with legal certification from Canada. Acana is easy to buy and it is sold in 60 countries around the world. Acana offers various types of dog foods based on its ingredients. Orijen is the second dog food you can consider if you need a trusted product with copper sulfate. Dog lovers give Orijen to their lovely dogs because this product made of 100% natural ingredients. The product is also considered as a unique product due to the protein content and its quality. Just imagine that, your dogs are about to eat a dog food with 80% of meat. On the other hand, Orijen is classified as dog food which as high level of protein than any other dog foods. The third dog food which contain of copper sulfate is Nature’s Logic. Nature’s Logic also claims that their products are free from synthetic ingredients. It means they only use natural ingredients to feed your lovely dogs. The product is various including canned products and raw frozen dog foods. Nature’s Logic is not only served their dog foods naturally but also full of probiotics and enzymes. Those essential compounds are very important to increase benefits especially for digestion system. Your lovely dog will only eat natural food without any synthesized vitamins, minerals, artificial flavor, color, and any kind of dangerous ingredients.

The point is that you have to make sure that the dog foods contain of safe level of copper sulfate. You may ask to the expert first about the safety of the dog food you want to give to the dogs. The most important, you know what are some dog foods without copper proteinate or copper sulfate? Then, you can buy the best one for your lovely dogs.