What can I feed my new puppy that isn’t dog food?

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018. | Dog treatment

What can I feed my new puppy that isn’t dog food? Having new puppy can bring more cuteness and loves in the house. This can be the reason why people just want to spoil their puppy in every single way including about the foods. We can make sure that it will be hard to avoid temptation for giving the puppy foods which are not for dog. Dinner time can be very challenging but there is no need to worry because there are some human foods which can be eaten by the puppy.

What can I feed my new puppy that isn't dog food

Do Not Add Calories

There is nothing wrong for giving human foods to the pet. However, they just have to make sure that they do not add the calories to the regular diet. The scraps from dinner table can only be given to the puppy with limited amount. It must not be more than 10% of the normal rations of the dog. It means that they have to remove 10% of the regular diet if they want to give table scrap to the puppy.

Begging Puppies

Begging puppies will be the most difficult thing to refuse in the world. In fact, puppy owners must be careful because it can change the puppy into kind of pest in the house. Offering treat is okay during the training period but food treat should be postpones for special training only. It is necessary for avoiding creating the cute monster when it is not training time. Table food can be offered to the puppy as the topping on the regular diet in the bowl.

Keeping the Puppy Away from Dinner Table

It is better to keep the puppy away from the dinner table. It will be useful for removing the huge temptation from the guests for offering the puppy food which is not appropriate for dog. The puppy owner should also inform about puppy house rules.

Healthy Human Foods

What can I feed my new puppy that isn’t dog food? People make this question because they worry about the puppy’s health but at the same time, they also want to spoil the puppy with love. If they want to give human food, they have to think about something which is healthy for human. Vegetables and lean meat can be given in moderation. Lean beef, chicken, and turkey can be offered to the puppy in small amount. However, ham must be avoided from the puppy because it is too rich for the digestion of the puppy.

Small Amount of Starches

Starches can also be given to the puppy but it must be in small amount. It is better to limit the starch intake for avoiding overweight puppy. People should also be careful about sauce including gravy since it can be too rich for puppy.


Milk sounds like great treat for puppy, but people should keep in mind that cow milk is different from dog milk. Diarrhea can be caused by the difficulty for digesting milk.

Cooked Vegetables and Fruits

Cooked asparagus and broccoli can be great treat for puppy just like fresh raw vegetables like carrots. Some fruits can be great for puppy such as oranges, bananas, melons, and even peanut butter. What can I feed my new puppy that isn’t dog food?