What is the best over the counter dog food for diabetic dogs?

Monday, December 11th 2017. | Dog treatment

What is the best over the counter dog food for diabetic dogs? It’s disheartening to find out that our loyal furry companion has to struggle with potentially life-threatening disease like Diabetes. This condition may perhaps come off as a surprise to us. While Diabetes is a common disease in human, not all of us know that it can also be found in dogs.

What is the best over the counter dog food for diabetic dogs

According to statistics in two hundred dogs, there is at least one that will be diagnosed with Diabetes. However, despite some of the similarities, Diabetes found in canine works differently than that of humans’. If your dog has just been diagnosed, this article is written especially for you.

Understanding canine diabetes

Dogs with the condition have the inability to properly produce the required amount of insulin on a regular basis. Their body will be deprived of insulin, as results. This condition spells trouble for our beloved pet, more so because our dog needs sugar to be converted as energy. When there is insufficient amount of sugar to be burned and converted, their body will start looking for a substitute.

The substitute in question is fat. In order to maintain the required amount of energy, the body of our dog will resort to its own fat to burn. This is where it gets dangerous, referred to as ketones, the metabolized fats’ by-product is released in the process. Said by-product of fat conversion may very well lead to hypoglycemia and at worst, death.

Signs of Canine Diabetes may not be too obvious in the early stage of its development. However, the most common signs are its bigger-than-normal appetite. Not only that, dogs also has excessive drinking and frequent urination that is followed with rapid weight loss. Is your dog showing these signs? Read on to find out what is the best over the counter dog food for diabetic dogs?

The best food to give dogs with Canine Diabetes

Nothing is more upsetting than when your dog is diagnosed with Canine Diabetes. But with the right nutrition, your dog can live a long healthy life. Many owners with dogs with the condition switch to raw diet which is all-natural and safe. But it’s quite complicate as you have to make sure the dog gets the mineral and other nutrients it needs.

The best way to ensure your dog gets the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins is by giving them prescription food. Wellness Core Grain Free is specifically designed for diabetic dogs. Containing high amount of protein from chicken and turkey, your dog will be supplemented with the right nutrition to thrive. It doesn’t contain any preservative, additives, fillers, and bad carbohydrates.

Instead, Wellness Core is rich with antioxidants and probiotics from fibers such as kale, sweet potatoes and kale. With this dog food, the dog’s glucose level will be in check. Another over-the-counter diabetic dog food is Orijen Original. Consisting of a bevy of protein and nutrients, Orijen Original contains of 38-percent protein and 20-percent of low GI carbs. There is no grain, or preservatives whatsoever.

Royal Canin Glycobalance, Merrick Grain Free and Acana Heritage are three other great options for those looking for alternative to what is the best over the counter dog food for diabetic dogs?