What is the difference between dry dog food and mixer?

Saturday, March 24th 2018. | Dog treatment

What is the difference between dry dog food and mixer? Choosing dog food is often challenging particularly for the new owners. One of them is to differentiate the dry food and mixer. Yes, both look slightly the same on the pet shop shelves or supermarkets. So, what are actually the differences between them? Here they are.

Dry Food

Let’s start it from the dry foods. Dry foods are basically snack for your pets, in this case is dog. You should not worry since this snack is probably even more nutritious than yours. Therefore, your dogs can just eat it deliciously as well as their nutrition is still kept well. Dry food is recommended for its practicality. You only need to keep it in a dry storage so that it will be more lasting. This kind of dog foods is also good for the growth of their teeth since it lets their teeth to chew more actively as well as remove the plague. Unfortunately, giving too much dry food is not really recommended when the dog has problems like overweight.

What is the difference between dry dog food and mixer


On the other hand, mixer is something to be mixed with any other foods. It is also known as an incomplete food which is probably less delicious but more nutritious. There is an example of the use of mixer. When you cook red meat for the dogs, they will love it for sure. Well, you should then slice or pulverize the meat into small pieces and add the mixer. The mixer here is important to lessen their calorie consumption. That’s why; mixer is more recommended for overweight dogs or them who are often sick.

How to Differentiate Them

There are many cases when the packages for dog foods are solid and not transparent. Of course, it becomes more and more difficult to know what inside. The simplest way is by reading the description mentioned in the package whether it is dry food or mixer. If you just grab it, it will be useless. The texture of both foods is almost the same; they are basically dry. Some producers indeed produce mixer with wet texture but it is still rarely found. In other words, dry mixer is the most common to be found in the market.

Another way for not making mistake when buying the dog’s foods, it is more recommended for you to buy the foods in the pet shop. The owner of shop or seller must be more experienced about the pet than you including the foods. So, if you still cannot found any description on the package – let’s say the description is typed in foreign language, you must the seller to make you sure whether it is dry food and mixer.

Based on the explanation in the previous points, it is clear that mixer must contain more substances than dry foods. So, the last way to know whether a certain product is dry food or mixer, see the list of nutrition. When the amount of some substances like vitamins, minerals, and fiber are more, it can be the mixer.