What You Should Know about Shaving, Grooming, and Restoring Dog’s Shaved Coat

Saturday, October 14th 2017. | Dog treatment

People who love and have dogs as their pet should pay a great attention to everything about their pet. They must not only take care of the dog’s food and play stuffs, but also concern on the dog’s health issues. General health issue that frequently happens to every dog is the problem regarding their coat. Oftentimes, the various problems that happen to dog’s coat require the owner to shave it. But how to restore your dog shaved coat? What to know about it?

What You Should Know about Shaving, Grooming, and Restoring Dog’s Shaved Coat

Dog’s Coat and the Vet

There are dogs that have single coat, and there are dogs that have double coat. You should pay attention to that because it will help you to understand about the shaving and the restoring. Single coated dogs should not be shaved completely because they should have at least an inch of their coat to make them safe from the sunlight. For the double coated dogs, they will do a natural molting. The undercoat will shed little by little, but they still have the protection from the heating sun.

An active dog will always run and move everywhere outdoor. When they become active, they sometimes do not care about the environment and become really wild. You can see that rarely your dog will have one or two scars or wounds after you take them out. Sometimes, the bigger the scar is will require a bigger handling too. If the scar is deeper, it will even require the owner to take the pet into the vet. A good vet will recommend the owner to shave the coat completely at first before the scar is being treated.

Restoring Your Dog’s Coat through Feeding and Grooming

There are ways to restore your dog’s coat after they are being treated by the vet. Well, you can actually ask the vet about restoring your dog’s shaved coat. There is sometimes a problem that makes your dog cannot grow hair anymore. With some treatments from the vet, your dog’s hair will grow even though not as thick as before. The vet will also know when the coat should grow considering the recovery of the scar.

Some supplements will be advised by the vet usually, but the more important thing is the food eaten by your dog. You have to make sure that the food eaten by your dog does not hold up the restoring of your dog’s shaved coat. Your dog should eat food with adequate protein with no less than 25% of it. Putting fish oil in your dog’s daily meal can also make the coat grow faster.

A daily groom will help the restoring faster. It is like your dog has to be bald firstly to grow more hair. The daily grooming will also be better if you add a warm bath afterward. You can use shampoo that contains some natural oils from tea tree or oatmeal.


At last, loving your dog is about knowing what should be done to them. From now on, you should keep the attention to the problems like shaving, grooming, and restoring your dog’s shaved coat so that your dog will live as happily as you.