Which dog food is better, Acana or Natural Balance?

Wednesday, December 13th 2017. | Dog treatment

Which dog food is better, Acana or Natural Balance? Buying a package of dog food sometimes is a puzzling homework. Of course, as a dog owner, we must want to give him or her best. The dog food itself must be processed by considering many kinds of nutrition appropriate for the dogs. Besides, some substances that give health problems must be avoided to add also. However, there is something that cannot be simply prevented. It is when our dogs may have certain allergies that are not had by the others. Besides, the taste will influence their appetite also. There are two brands of dog foods commonly given to the dogs; Acana and Natural Balance. Which one of them is better? Here is the explanation.

Which dog food is better, Acana or Natural Balance


Acana is one brand of dry dog foods that provide certain kinds of nutrition needed by dogs like crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber. Protein is something needed for any kind of dog. It is their source of energy and immune system. Without enough protein, they can suffer from some serious health problems. Meanwhile, the containing of crude fat is considered good as well, it is around 19.0%. For energetic and active dog, fat must be needed more. Again, it is related to the energy resource. Besides, fat plays many important roles in the normal development and body function. Aside from all of that, fiber must be there as well to improve their digestive system. Then, what is the remaining? Those are substances that are indeed needed by the dogs but not really having important roles. But, they don’t give side effects as well.

Natural Balance

Just like Acana, Natural Balance also provides some kinds of nutrition essential for the dogs like crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber. However, each of them has less percentage; they are only 27.0%, 13.0%, and 5.0% respectively. For the remaining, there are other substances that are categorized as safe for the dogs but don’t give too many important effects for the growth and health of the dogs.

Acana vs. Natural Balance

For the comparison of three main substances mentioned above; crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber, it can be simply assumed that Acana is better than Natural Balance. Yes, those three components must be sufficient and fulfilled well. There are some problems can be occurred due to the lack of protein; they are less energy, digestive problem, fur loss, and many more. More than that, it is when the food has more additional coloring and preservative, the side effects can be worse. Although Acana is claimed as better, it doesn’t mean that Natural Balance is not recommended at all. It is basically still good. The percentages of food components mentioned above are still considered as good or enough for the dog. Giving the dogs this product will not make them lack of those nutrients. Then, for dogs with certain substance allergy like protein and fat, this brand is even more recommended. Which dog food is better, Acana or Natural Balance? In conclusion, it is Acana for certain reasons.