Why Do Dogs Hate Dog Food but Love Human Food? Find out the Complete Answer

Friday, March 23rd 2018. | Dog treatment

Sometimes, you feel frustrated because your dog love your food than theirs. Actually, why do dogs hate dog food but love human food? Just keep calm and let’s find out the reason as well as the solution.

They Don’t Like Their Food

The first sign that dog hates their food is because they don’t like it. Just imagine if you don’t like some foods, you will not eat it and find another food, right? That is how your dog does especially if you don’t realize it. The only thing that they see and smell is only your daily foods. Your beloved dog also see your happy gesture while enjoying foods. If you don’t find another dog food that they like and even you share your food to the dog, definitely they will hate dog food and love human food.

Why do dogs hate dog food but love human food

You Often Give Human Food

Some people love to share their foods to their beloved dog and probably you do the same thing. You even give your food regularly by the time you see that the dog eat it hungrily. Realize it or not, your habit becomes the reason why do dogs hate dog food but love human food? Slowly but sure, your dog will get used to with the taste and the smell of human foods. When you try to give dog food, your dog identifies it as something strange and new. Just remember that the taste and smell between human foods and dog foods are different. Definitely, it becomes the answer why your lovely dog loves your foods instead of eating their own foods.

Picky Eater Dog

One of the reasons why your dog loves to eat human food instead of their own foods is probably because they are a picky eater dog. This is the same condition with a kid who chooses food they love and remove food they don’t like. Like it or not, a dog must eat dog food and the best solution is trying to find the right food they love. Try to buy several reputable dog foods and let your dog choose their own favorite food. If it is necessary you can buy some of the foods and combine it in well managed schedule to prevent boredom and prevent them to get back to eat your foods.

There Is a Problem with Their Dog Food

If your lovely dog leaves their food without any specific reason, there is might be a problem with their food. You have to find out the problem first to get the solution. There is a possibility that your dog is suffered from specific illness, their old age, joint pain, or they just don’t like the taste or the smell. When the dog hungry, they will find something better to eat and the best option is your food. You may a little bit glad because at least they still want to eat. You just need to find the best food to make them eat their own food. For the best solution, you may go to the vet to consult about the symptoms. Then, you get the complete and trusted answer why do dogs hate dog food but love human food?