How does the Black Footed Ferret Hunt?

Wednesday, November 15th 2017. | Ferret

How does the black footed ferret hunt? It is so interesting to know and learn about the animals. Undeniably, they are parts of our environment that should be kept and protected. More than that, animals like black footed ferret are already endangered. Providing places that enable them to hunt will help this animal to stay survive anyway. So, here is what you need to know more about black footed ferret.

How does the Black Footed Ferret Hunt


It is no exact different between black footed ferret with other types of ferret. The shape and size are almost the same around 38 and 50 centimeters of length for the head and body, not including the tail. Although the feature is not special, there is something that signs this ferret. It is the black hues on the feet and some other parts of the body like face. If you notice it well, black footed ferret is basically in grey with black big spot around its eyes just like wearing a mask. This animal can be simply found anywhere since it is one of the endemics of American continent. Particularly in the North America, you can see Black Footed Ferret if you are lucky. Sure, with the endangered status, the number of it is also getting less and less.

The Prey and Where to Find Them

Meadow is the main place where this animal is living. It is particularly those places with other rodent animals like squirrels, rats, and others. Why? It is because those animals are the prey from Black Footed Ferret. Unfortunately, the meadow is now limited in North America due to the development of buildings and housing. For this matter, it is reasonable if many kinds of ferret including the black footed one to attack the citizen’s farms and fields. It is not to eat the crops but to look for the rodent animals although there is a possibility for this ferret to damage your field anyway. Those matters become another reason why this ferret is endangered. Despite the limited places to live, their presence is often considered as pest.

The Way Black Footed Ferret Hunt

Aside from its cute face, the way it hunts and eats the prey is considered terrifying. Yes, they commonly already have a target even hour before starting to hunt. Then, this nocturnal animal will wait for the prey to be careless or sleeping. After that, it can be simply going to the area of its prey and use the claw to hit and even scratch the prey on head until it is dead. Well, the ferret can continue it with eating it peacefully. Watch out if you have a pet like hamsters at home since it can be a delicious food for black footed ferret.

The fact that black footed ferret is close to extinction is also because of the prey which is limited. Indeed. The imbalance nature tends to give so many impacts toward the life sustainability for many animals around us. So, it is better to keep them well including the black footed ferret.