Is the Black Footed Ferret endangered?

Wednesday, November 15th 2017. | Ferret

Is the black footed ferret endangered? There are indeed so many species of ferrets we know in this world. But have you ever heard this one? Before acknowledging whether this animal is needed to protect or not, it is much better to know more about this one. People commonly think that back footed ferret and black ferret are the same. Of course, they are not. Just like the name, the black color is placed only some parts of its body particularly on the feet. Meanwhile, the black is also on its face around the eyes so that slightly it looks like this ferret wears a mask. On the other hand, black ferret means that this kind of ferrets is black all over the body.

Is the black footed ferret endangered

The Origins

Black footed ferret is originally from the American continent especially the northern part. It can be more easily found on the meadow areas for the temperature which is suitable for their body. More than that, they can simply find the prey there. Besides, just like other types of ferret, they can also find on the field and farm. That’s why; ferret, in general, is often considered as pest that disturbs the farmers in managing their corps. It is although the fact, the black footed ferrets hunt and eat other pest like rat, squirrel, and other types of rodent.

The Preys

As it has been mentioned above, rodent is the main prey for black footed ferret. When you find this type of ferrets in your field or farm, it is better not to directly hunt and kill it since the target is not your corps anyway. But it is true, their movements sometimes make anything planted there is being messy. The most interesting thing is about how this ferret hunts its prey. This animal has a skill to lurk the prey at night. Then, when it sees that the prey is careless, it will directly and fast visit the prey’s house and use its claws to scratch and hit the prey on its head. It makes the prey like mice, rat, or squirrel can be killed faster. After seeing the prey is dead, the ferret can just simply eat it.

Is it really endangered?

The answer is yes for some reasons. Based on the explanation on the points above, Black footed ferret lives on the meadow areas on America Continent. It is clear that the meadow area is lessened rapidly due to the development. Meanwhile, when they go to the citizen’s farm, they are considered as pest that needs to destroy. Its extinction is also related to the number of prey that is limited caused by the same reasons. It is so sad that this species has been decreased rapidly in the last decade and the efforts to keep these animals survive is not that much.

It is expected then that the animal protector organizations must put some efforts to save this animal from extinction. Sure, it must be helped by the citizens anyway. Therefore, in the future, the next generation can still see the black footed ferret.