Cold Water Temperature for Betta Fish, Is It Safe?

Monday, June 18th 2018. | Fish

Temperature is very important for betta fish. Unfortunately, sometimes Betta fish owners make mistakes when changing the water in the tank and the fish ends up swimming in cold water. Now the question is what happens to a betta fish when the water temperature is too cold? To find out the answer for this question, let’s read the explanation below.

What happens to a betta fish when the water temperature is too cold

The Best Water Temperature for Betta Fish

It is important to remember that Bettas are tropical fish. Their natural habitats are warm rice paddies with a temperature between 76 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It means, Bettas are not so good with water below that temperature. As a Betta owner, you are responsible to reproduce the similar environment for your fishes. It doesn’t matter if you put your Bettas in a small bowl or large aquarium. As long as you can keep the temperature within the right range, your Bettas will live happily.

What If the Water Temperature Is Too Cold

There are many reasons why Betta fishes ended up in a cold water tank. Most of the times, it is the fault of the owner who fail to change the water in the tank properly. But it is also possible that the water becomes colder because the heater is broken or the temperature in the room suddenly drops. No matter what the cause is, cold water is not going to be good for a tropical fish like Betta.

So, what happens to a betta fish when the water temperature is too cold? Unfortunately, it is possible that your fish might die due to the cold water. As a tropical fish, cold water can weaken the immune system of Betta fish. If the water is dirty, your fish will be prone to fungal and bacterial infection, and even the fatal Popeye disease, the health condition that makes the eyes of the fish bulge really big. Furthermore, cold environment also will reduce the appetite of the fish. Furthermore, cold water also has lesser supply of oxygen which can be dangerous for tropical water fish.

What Should You Do for Your Betta?

Betta fishes are often exposed to cold water when the owner is changing the water of tank. Fresh water tends to be cooler than the temperature in the tank which will make the Betta suffer. So, does it mean that you should not change the tank water frequently? Of course not. Keeping the water clean is crucial for your Betta’s health so changing the water frequently is still very important. However, you have to do it right.

Please keep in mind that Betta fishes are not only sensitive to cold water but also to sudden change of temperature. So, if the water suddenly becomes warmer, your Betta will still be in danger even though this type of fish is a warm water fish.

If you want to change the water in the fish tank, make sure to wait until the fresh water gets warmer so it doesn’t cause shock to your Betta. Furthermore, you also can use a water heater to keep the water warm. However, be sure to keep the temperature below 80 degrees.