Fishes that will Be compatible with GloFish in the Aquarium

Friday, October 20th 2017. | Fish

GloFish is a big hit nowadays due to its unique fluorescent body. Even though a GloFish alone is enough to beautify your aquarium, you might want to add more types of fish to spice the tank up. But the question is, what other fish are compatible with GloFish? To help you choose the best ones, here are some tips that you can use.

Fishes that will Be compatible with GloFish in the Aquarium

How to Determine the Compatibility

GloFish is a genetically manufactured fish. So, if you want to know which fishes will be compatible with this fluorescent fish, you simply need to know the original species of the GloFish. The purpose of the genetic engineering is only to alter the color of the fish. However, the GloFish will retain the original characteristic of the species which the GloFish gets its gene from. So, if some certain types of fish are compatible with the original fish, it also will be compatible with the GloFish.

Compatible Fishes Based on the Type of the GloFish

So, what other fish are compatible with GloFish? To answer this question, first we need to find out where the GloFish gets its gene from.

  1. Zebra Danio

The first GloFish is manufactured from Zebra Danio fish. Genetically engineered Zebra GloFish is available in various colors such as Starfire Red, Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Cosmic Blue and Galactic Purple.

Zebra GloFish is a peaceful fish so it shouldn’t be put in the same tank with aggressive fish. Besides with regular Zebra Danios, this GloFish will coexist really well with Tetras (any Tetras will do from Black Skirted Tetras to Serpae Tetras), Cory Cats, Swordtails, Platies and also Molly Fishes.

  1. Black Tetra

The first GloFish manufactured from Black Skirted Tetra species was introduced back in 2012 with Electric Green color. After that, more fluorescent Black Tetra appeared with various colors, notably Moonrise Pink, and Cosmic Blue.

Similar with Zebra Danio, Black Tetra is a peaceful fish and it will make a good community fish. In addition to regular Black Skirted Tetra, you basically can put any community fish in the same tank with the GloFish. Just make sure that the other fishes are not too big so the Tetra GloFish will not be eaten.

  1. Tiger Barb

After Zebra and Tetra, another species of GloFish was genetically engineered from Tiger Barb with Electric Green as the main color. Different with the first two fishes, Tiger Barb is pretty aggressive. So, you should be careful in choosing which type of fish you want to put together with them.

This fish is pretty big and they can move quite fast. So, you should not put slow moving fish and fish with long fin with the Tiger Barb GloFish. Tiger Barb GloFish is compatible with regular Barbs as well as other mildly aggressive fishes like sharks or gourami.

Choosing a compatible fishes with your GloFish is very important. But you also should not forget to give your fishes a spacious tank which allows them to move freely and live happily. Even if the fishes are calm in nature, they can still get aggressive with each other if the tank is too small for them.