How long Siamese fighting fish last without food?

Friday, February 2nd 2018. | Fish

How long can Siamese fighting fish last without food? Siamese fighting fish is a type of fishes that often kept as the pet. Compared to other decorative fishes, this one indeed tends to be more affordable and easy to find outside as well as they have beautiful colors and shapes. However, it is actually not the main reason why Siamese fish is bought. Just the name, it is basically a fighting fish. So, you can let your fish to fight to the others. Anyway, there is maybe a situation where you must leave the fish at home while you spend some nights outside. So, is it not bad for the Siamese fish particularly when they are without foods?

How long Siamese fighting fish last without food?

Depending on the Fish Conditions

It is actually quite unpredictable how long the Siamese fish to survive if you leave it alone for several days. It basically depends on the condition of the fishes themselves. Sure, it is not easy for us to know whether the fish is healthy or not. However, you can predict it by seeing the habit. Does the fish swim actively or just simply stay on a spot only? If the fish is very active, it can be concluded that it is healthy. On the other hand, the quiet fish can indicate that there is something wrong with it. You must take care of it more anyway.

Next, have you let the fish fight recently? If yes, it means that the fish is not really in a good condition. It is much better to make it sure to eat properly rather than leaving it alone. If you must leave the fish, you may ask your family or friend to take care it for you including feeding and changing the water.

The Approximate Period of Time for a Healthy Fish to Survive

It is good if you find the Siamese fish healthy enough after some checks. But this condition can be changed if you don’t feed it well in several days. In general, the healthy Siamese fish can survive for approximately a week. It means if you must leave it, you have to be back in four days. In fact, you cannot leave a large amount of food at once for a week. Yes, the foods can be swollen and it may not have appetite to eat it. The swollen foods can even dirt the water and fasten their death.

Other Factors

Not feeding them well is not the only factor why Siamese fighting fishes cannot survive. This is another important thing; the environment. The fishes must be placed in a clear and clean water but not water with cleaner. Too much dust outside the aquarium plays another role to kill the fish. So, make sure to change the water regularly as well as clean the area around the aquarium. Meanwhile, Siamese fishes are not to be put together in the same place. Yes, they should be separated to avoid them fighting. Even you feed them properly, if those matters are not fulfilled, the fishes cannot be survive longer.

So, how long can Siamese fighting fish last without food? It depends on the situations.

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