Is It Safe to Use Table Salt for Fish Tank and to Treat Saprolegnia Fungus?

Friday, May 25th 2018. | Fish

Maybe you have heard that pouring some salt in the fish tank can be beneficial for the fish, even for freshwater fishes. But is it true? Is it okay to use table salt for my fish tank? And can it be used to treat the Saprolegnia fungus? To find out the answers for those questions, let’s take a look at the explanations below.

Is it okay to use table salt for my fish tank And can it be used to treat the saprolegnia fungus

Table Salt for Fish Tank and Treating Saprolegnia Fungus

There are many reasons why people put salt in a fish tank. But the biggest benefit of salt is it prevents the growth of algae. Furthermore, salt is also known as an effective protector against pathogens such as protozoa and fungus that responsible in causing Saprolegnia fungus. It also has been proven that some protozoa that cause it cannot live in salt water environment. Salt also can help improving the fish’s immune system and accelerate wound healing process. This is why salt is often used to treat fishes that are suffering from fungal infection.

However, you have to be very careful if you want to use salt for your fish tank. This is because not every salt is suitable for an aquarium. Table salt is usually not recommended because it contains iodine. There are different opinions regarding iodine. Some people say that it is dangerous for salt. Meanwhile, some others stated that the amount of iodine in table salt is not enough to harm the fish.

There are not enough evidences that can proof which one is right, but of course it is better to be safe than sorry. So, if you want to use salt, make sure to use aquarium salt, canning salt or kosher salt. Those are uniodized salt which certainly will be safer than the iodized one.

When to Use and Not to Use Salt

Even though salt has been proven effective in many cases, there are also times when putting salt in the fish tank can be detrimental. Salt will be effective for newly setup tank to prevent nitrite poisoning. Furthermore, you also can use it in case of parasites or fungal infection.

You also can pour some salt for prevention measures against parasites and fungus. However, if you put live plants inside the aquarium, you should not put any salt at all. This is because salt will damage plants even in such a low dosage. Moreover, if you keep scaleless fish in the tank, salt is a big no because it can be harmful for them.


So, is it okay to use table salt for my fish tank? And can it be used to treat the Saprolegnia fungus? While there is no strong proof that putting salt inside a fish tank is dangerous, it doesn’t mean that it is necessary. Unless you really need it, regular cleaning and maintenance is enough to keep the water tank clean and the fish healthy.

However, if the fish shows sign of fungal infection, you can use salt to help killing the fungus and accelerate the healing process. But please be very careful and make sure the species of the fish inside the tank can tolerate salt. Moreover, to be safe, it is best to use non-iodized salt.