Is Sudden Water Temperature Change Dangerous for Betta Fish?

Monday, June 18th 2018. | Fish

Maybe you have seen a case where your Betta fish suddenly dies after you change the water in its tank. While there are many reasons that can make a fish suddenly dies, if your fish died after a water change, there is a high possibility that it died due to temperature shock. But can water temperature change kill a Betta fish? Or is there any other reason for your fish’s unexpected dead?

Can water temperature change kill a betta fish

The Perfect Temperature for Betta Fish

Temperature of the water is very important for Betta fish. Therefore, as a Betta owner you really have to pay attention to this. In its natural habitat, Bettas live in warm water. So, to live well and healthily, you have to reproduce the temperature of your Betta’s aquarium or bowl according to the temperature of its natural habitat. Make sure to keep the temperature of the water between 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and use thermometer to measure the temperature regularly if necessary.

Can Water Temperature Change Kill a Betta Fish?

As a tropical fish that lives in warm water, Betta Fishes cannot live well in cold water. If you put your fish in a water with temperature under 76 degrees, the coldness of the water can pose many health risks for the fish, which some can eventually lead to death.

While it is true that cold water can kill Betta fish, there is a misconception regarding this temperature debacle. Just like cold temperature, sudden change temperature is also very dangerous for this type of fish. So, if you move your Betta from cold water to new water around 76 to degree Fahrenheit, your fish can still die even though the new water is actually warm enough for your fish. This is because sudden change in water temperature can make your fish go into temperature shock and die.

What Should You Do to Keep the Water at the Right Temperature?

Now, what should you do to prevent your fish from going into temperature shock? The first thing you can do is to be very careful when changing the water in the tank. When you want to clean the aquarium, you definitely need to move your fish to a new water bowl. This is the most crucial part of all. You should not move your fish to water that is more than 4 or 5 degree colder than the original water.

So, before moving your fish to a fresh water bowl, let the temperature of the water warms up a little bit. You can use a thermometer to accurately compare the temperature of the new and the original water. When the fresh water has become warm enough, you can safely move your Betta without exposing it to the risk of temperature shock.

Cold or warm weather and the temperature inside the room also can affect the temperature in the water tank. So, make sure to keep the aquarium from direct sunlight or right under the air conditioner. Don’t forget to use a water heater to easily maintain the temperature in the aquarium.