Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Routine

Monday, October 23rd 2017. | Fish

Knowing the proper Saltwater aquarium maintenance is as necessary as it is important. The moment you decided to start on building up your own saltwater reef tank, you should also start educating yourself on anything related to your new hobby. Majority of those who decided on having their own reef tanks are not fully aware of what it takes to care for these fragile saltwater species and ensure that they are not only happy, but also healthy.

Saltwater aquarium maintenance

While the latest technology and invention have made the fish-keeping tasks much simpler, this is not to say that the saltwater aquarium keepers are free from responsibilities. To help beginners understand their own responsibilities as well as the special needs of their saltwater specimens, we have come up with a Saltwater aquarium maintenance guide.

Schedule your maintenance

Keeping marine life in your personal saltwater aquarium healthy and happy unsurprisingly requires a lot of work. There are a lot of maintenance types you should perform on any given time. Some of your responsibilities must be conducted on a daily basis whereas others can be conducted once every set period of time. See the following for more detailed maintenance responsibilities:

Task to do on a daily basis

You must never fail to turn the query lights of your aquarium. Many reef tank keepers opt for an automatic timer that is widely available on the market. However if you prefer to do it manually, the lights must be turned on and off in a pattern that is nothing short of consistent. Other daily task is to check your invertebrates and fishes for a sign of sickness and stress, remove them immediately if showing signs.

Task to do once a week

Clean the glass of your aquarium and completely remove any excess algae. Most importantly, you must conduct proper water test and record it in a log. Add buffers and other trace elements if needed.

Task to do once every two weeks

Clean the filters and either rinse of partially change the media of some of your filters if needed. Change 20-percent of water in your tank as you vacuum the gravel.

Task to do on a monthly basis

Thorough filter check must be conducted once a month, and this is also the time where you should rinse the media as well as the components of you filter. You must also replace the carbon of your filter and clean its protein skimmer. Only replace air stones if it is needed.

Purchase test kits

Every little detail is incredibly crucial when it comes to saltwater aquarium, more so when it comes to the saltwater itself. The fact that you are unable to properly determine the water pH balance in your aquarium by eye is all the more reason to purchase an adequate test-kit. Yes, to be able to determine the balance of your water does not mean you have to a chemist. All you have to do is purchase test-kits that is able to test the pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Alkalinity, and Phosphate content of your water as a part of your routine Saltwater aquarium maintenance.