The Best Methods on How to Tell the Tail Type of Your Female Betta

Wednesday, October 18th 2017. | Fish

How to tell the tail type of your female Betta? That is the question that every Betta fish enthusiast will have at some point. Due to the shape and length of the tail, figuring out the tail type of female Betta fish can be pretty challenging, even for the veterans. To help you correctly guess the type of the tail, here are some tips to help you.

The Best Methods on How to Tell the Tail Type of Your Female Betta

Count the Rays

First of all, you need to count the amount of rays the fish has. It can help you tell apart one type of tail with another because each tail has different number of rays. Rays are thin bones that start on the base of the tail and then branch down into several smaller bones to the end of the tail.

Veiltail female Betta usually have two rays and the same goes with Crowntail. However, don’t be surprised to find Crowntail fishes with 4 or 8 rays. Meanwhile, Delta and Super Delta have around 2 to 8 rays. Halfmoon on the other hand, is known to have plenty of rays. Mostly have around 10 to 16, and some even have as much as 32 rays. Counting rays can be very tricky so you need to pay a very close attention.

Recognize the Characteristics of Each Breed

Learning how to tell the tail type of your female Betta doesn’t stop at counting the rays. Since some types of Betta fish can have similar amount rays, you need to know the characteristics of each type to help you distinguish the fish.

  1. Female Halfmoons

It is pretty hard to tell female Halfmoons apart with other types of Betta and you might encounter sellers that try to sell you Singletailed Betta and say that it is Halfmoons. Thankfully, there is an easy way to figure out whether the fish is a true blue female Halfmoon or not. Although shorter, the tail of female Halfmoons has the same characteristic with male Halfmoon’s tail. The caudal is able to spread up to 180 degree, forming a perfect D shape.

  1. Female Veiltail

Figuring out a female veiltail is particularly easy because it never comes with more than two rays. Furthermore, you can also notice that the edge of its tail is a little bit wavy.

  1. Female Crowntails

Crowntails have a very distinguishing characteristic. It is their spikey crown-like tail and fins. The spikey parts of the tail and fins are actually the extension of the rays and they are very useful to help you count the rays.

  1. Female Doubletailed

Among all female Betta fishes, recognizing female Doubletailed is the easiest. The reason is obvious. It is because it is the only Betta that comes with two caudal lobes instead of just one. Furthermore, the dorsal fin is also longer than what other Betta fishes have.

So, do you now know how to tell the tail type of your female Betta? Learning to correctly guess the Betta’s tail type is very important, especially if you are planning to breed them. It will take practice and meticulous observation, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do it easily.