What Causes Betta Fish Fin Rot and How to Treat It

Friday, May 25th 2018. | Fish

If you notice that your Betta’s fins are ragged, torn and wounded, it is a clear sign of Betta fish fin rot. While it might look ugly, you don’t have to be panic because fin rot is actually very common and usually not dangerous. Just make sure you treat your Betta immediately before the problem gets worse.

Betta fish fin rot

The Cause of Fin Rot in Betta Fish

The main cause of fin rot in Betta fish is bacteria. Actually, bacteria don’t always pose a threat for Betta. However, when the Betta is stressed, its immune system will be weakened which allow the bacteria to infect the fish. There are many things that can make a Betta stressed. But most of the time, it is caused by dirty water environment. Furthermore, a tank that is filled with too many fishes also can distress a Betta fish.

The Symptoms of Fin Rot

The symptom of fin rot is easily noticeable. As a matter of fact, you have to always pay attention to the symptoms because bacterial infection and fin rot is highly contagious. It means, when one fish has been infected, there is a high chance that the other fishes will develop the same symptoms as well.

Jagged edges are the most common symptoms of fin rot in Betta fish. You might think that it was caused by nipping or fighting. But actually, there is a huge difference between the symptoms of fin rot and the effect of nipping or fighting. Besides jagged edges, the fin also will start to change colour to brown and there are some white spots on the edges. If it is not treated immediately, the symptoms will be more severe and inflammation and bloody patches will start appearing on the fin.

What You Should Do About It

When you notice signs of Betta fish fin rot, there are several things you need to do. Firstly, take all of the fishes out of the tank so that you can clean the tank. However, since fin rot is contagious, make sure to put the healthy and affected fish in separate containers.

After that, clean the tank and all the accessories properly. Drain the water first and then wash everything with hot water. Make sure to reach all the crevices but there is no need to use soap. Once everything dries, you can put the accessories back in the tank and refill the water with clean fresh water.

The next step is to treat the fin rot. Actually, fin rot can heal by itself after you clean the tank. However, it the rot is severe, you can pour some antibacterial treatment inside the tank. You can buy such medication in pet store and make sure to pay attention to the dosage. Please remember that medication can absorbs oxygen in the water. Therefore, if you use medication to treat your fish, make sure to use air pump to send extra fresh oxygen for your fish.

Make sure to always keep the tank clean. This is important because Betta fish fin rot is mostly caused by bacterial infection and stress due to dirty environment.