What Causes Koi Pox? Is It Affecting Much to Your Koi?

Tuesday, October 24th 2017. | Fish

Keeping koi is actually rather difficult. It is not easy that you think. Sometimes, koi at pond or aquarium looks healthy in a balance and ideal condition. But, it doesn’t simply look. The disease may appear suddenly like koi pox. It can make koi sick and possibly die.  What causes koi pox? How do you cure the koi from carp pox disease?

What causes Koi pox

What Is Koi Pox?

Koi pox is a kind of diseases attacking koi and goldfishes. It is often called carp pox. It is not fully small pox but it is an epidemic of herpes disease. Is it dangerous for human? Of course, it is not infecting to human. Be calm and happy to hear it. The fish got this disease look pale oval, round, and pink with the size of 5 to 10 mm on the body of koi and goldfish. But, the carp pox often appears on the tail and fins of goldfish and koi in the form of clear waxy spots. It is a common disease attacking decorative fishes. This usually happens and appears at spring.

Is It Koi Pox Dangerous?

Koi pox is not a harmful disease. It doesn’t make your koi and goldfish dead due to carp pox. Your fishes will not die from this koi pox. But, it becomes unsightly so that it reduces the physical appearance of your fishes. It still needs to do some treatments to heal your koi and goldfish. You may change cold water to be warm water to make koi fresh. Salinity becomes a way to heal this disease. The heater is always added and installed to the tank and set at 80 degree. Don’t forget to add 3 tabs of fluke having been dissolved into the tank. You can make the differences on your koi. Your koi will recover from carp pox and no signs of carp pox to koi body, fins, and tail. Another action is giving drug to your koi and goldfish.

The Causes of Koi Pox

What causes koi pox? It seems to be a most common question to ask about this disease. After your fish suffer the carp fox, the fishes look weak and pale. The koi skin will look thin and it requires treating actions to recover it. It needs to concern the remaining disease source in pond, aquarium, or the place where koi keeps. It is potentially attacking koi and goldfish when your koi is weak or unhealthy. Koi pox is happened due to virus attack.

The koi pox is a kind of cold water virus. It is healing and removing on its own when the water in aquarium or pond gets warmer again. Your koi will get attacked easily by virus at spring. Why could it happen? It is caused that your fishes feel weak after passing through winter. The water cleanliness takes a deal with the virus evolving. That is why you should clean water in aquarium to the new one and warm water to make your koi feel comfortable to the changes of climate or weather. What causes koi pox? It has been explained above to know the real cause of koi pox.