What to do if you overfeed a fighting fish?

Saturday, February 3rd 2018. | Fish

What to do if you overfeed a fighting fish? Fighting fish, or commonly called as Betta fish, is a kind of fishes that are indeed purposed to fight for. Sure, it is not only the good thing about the fish. Interestingly, it has a very beautiful color as well. Therefore, the fishes can also be greatly functioned as the decorative fishes. Anyway, how is to take care of them particularly in feeding? Is it not bad to overfeed them? Here is the explanation.

What to if you overfeed a fighting fish

Nothing too much is good

This is one of the main principles of life basically. There is nothing too much is good including feeding the fighting fish. In other words, you have to wisely arrange their daily intake. Not only is it by selecting the best fish foods for them but also how much they should it. If you use the dried foods, put around a tea spoon and then pour them on the water of fighting fish. When the fighting fishes are new, you must pay attention to the way they eat. Their needs can be more or less than that. If they need more, you only need to pour another half spoon, not more. Even the fish still looks hungry, it should be enough. This is basically an effective way to arrange their eating habit. If there are the remaining foods, you have to clean it to avoid the foods clouding the water.

Actually, it is okay not to feed the fighting fish everyday as long as it is not more than three days. Yes, healthy fighting fish can be last for around a week. However, it doesn’t mean you can torture them by not feeding them at all. The ideal period for fighting fishes eating is likely once in two days.

The Effects of Overfeeding the Fighting Fishes

Of course, there are many bad effects of overfeeding the fishes. It is mainly if you prefer feeding them with package foods not the live ones. What are the effects? First, it is just not food for their health. Fighting fishes need to be slim and healthy for their nature as the fighters. So, they should not be fat or even obese just because you feed them too much. More than that, the obesity can let those dead sooner. Second, there is a higher chance that they may not want to eat all the foods you give. It just simply makes the place dirty. If you don’t clean it immediately, it can be even toxic for the fish. Again, it is another reason for their death.

Live Foods are better

No matter how you ship a kind of packaged foods for fighting fish, the live one is much better. It doesn’t mean that the packaged ones are that bad since the nutrition is definitely there. The problem is that such foods have preservative ingredients also. Fighting fishes are sometimes really fragile so that you need to think more about the foods. On the other hand, live foods are considered healthier for no additional ingredients. Some of the live foods recommended are plankton, glass worms, beef heart, and brine shrimp.

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