Can Hamster Eat Alfalfa?


Can hamster eat alfalfa? Sometime, you may ask that question. There are so many types of foods can be consumed by hamster. How about alfalfa? Is it safe for hamster? Find the answer be reading the information below.

Alfalfa—Is It Safe for Hamster?

Hamster looks cute with its small body and smooth fur. Because hamster has small body, it means that you need to feed them well, in order to make them always healthy and strong. There are so many cases where hamster can’t live longer because their owner gives wrong foods to them. So, how to feed hamster well? What is the type of food should be consumed by hamster?

can hamster eat alfalfa

Actually, there are so many types of foods can be consumed by hamster, such as seeds, large insects, insect larvae, and many more. How about alfalfa? Actually, alfalfa is the type of plant usually consumed by cattle, such as sheep, cow, buffalo, and pig. But, no many people know about alfalfa for hamster. They don’t know whether alfalfa good for hamster or not.

Alfalfa contains mineral, calcium and vitamin. It means that alfalfa is good enough to be consumed by hamster. It contains high amount of calcium that help your hamster grows well and has strong bones. But, don’t give your hamster too much alfalfa every day. Mix alfalfa with other foods, so your hamster can get balance nutrition every day.

For your recommendation, you can give your hamster a pinch of alfalfa per week. Today, alfalfa also comes in palatable foods. It is also good choice to give enough nutrition to your hamster. By giving balance nutrition to your hamster, finally your hamster will be healthy and strong.

Types of Foods Hamster Should Consume

Can hamster eat alfalfa? After reading the explanation above, we can conclude that alfalfa is safe to be consumed by hamster. Now, let’s we talk about best and worst foods for hamster. Some worst foods should not be consumed by hamster are potatoes, onion, garlic, iceberg lettuce, peanuts, chocolate, kidney beans, rhubarb and almonds. Keep away those foods from your hamster, because those foods can give negative effect to your hamster’s body.

But, hamster can also consume so many types of food. First are fresh vegetables and fruit. Hamster can eat fresh vegetables and fruits, as long as the vegetables and fruits have been washed by cold water. Some types of vegetable and fruits for hamster are celery, green peppers, spinach, squash, pumpkin, cucumber and carrots.

Hamster can also consume Timothy hay. This sweet-smelling green bay contains fiber, so it is good for your hamster. Protein foods are also good for hamster. For example, you can give your hamster cooked meat, fish, and egg to supply your hamster with protein.

Talking about hamster, it can’t be separated from seeds. Sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and bird seed are some examples of good seeds for hamster. By feeding your hamster with good foods, your hamster will be healthy and strong. Well, hopefully some information about “can hamster eat alfalfa?” above will be useful for you.