Can Hamster Eat Portabella Mushrooms?


Can hamster eat portabella mushrooms? This question may appear in your mind when you have hamster. Actually, there are some foods should be avoided by hamsters. Is portabella mushroom included into those foods? Find the answer by reading some information below.

can hamster eat portabella mushrooms

Is Portabella Mushroom Safe for Hamster?

Hamster is a cute animal. Many people want to keep a hamster because they think that keeping hamster is easy. Actually, there are so many things should be considered, such as feeding. Yes, not every vegetable can be consumed by hamster. Although hamster can eat vegetables, but you need to know the best type of food should be consumed by hamster.

Until today, many hamster owners know that potato is dangerous for hamster. But, some people said that boiled potato is good for hamster. Some people also said that some vegetables good for hamster, but vegetables will be dangerous food if you don’t wash it before giving them to your hamster. So, it means that hamster needs extra protection. You not only need to prepare clean and healthy food for hamster, but you need to consider some things before giving food for your hamsters.

How about portabella mushrooms? Can hamster eat portabella mushrooms? You need to know the nutrients contain in mushrooms. Although mushroom is good vegetable to be consumed by human, but it may be not good to be consumed by hamsters. Why? Let’s we talk about nutritional value of mushroom. In 100 gram of mushroom, you will find 4.3 g of carbohydrate, 2.5 g protein, 0.1 g fat, 1.5 mg panthotenic, 1.1 mg zinc, 6 mg sodium, 448 mg potassium, 120 mg phosphorus, and 18 mg calcium.

From the nutritional value of mushroom, we know that mushrooms contain a high amount of phosphorus and acid. Those substances will not give benefits to your hamster’s body. If your hamster consume mushroom, phosphorus and acid may make your hamster becomes sick. The hint of fat and calcium is also not good combination for your hamster. So if you ask about “can hamster eat portabella mushroom?” the answer is no.

Food Hamster Should Avoid

After reading some explanation above, we can conclude that portabella mushroom is not good for hamster. So, try to keep your hamster away from portabella mushroom, although your hamster likes the food so much. Actually, there are still many types of food should be avoided by hamster. As hamster owner, you need to know dangerous foods you should keep them away from your hamster.

There is a number of foods should be avoided by hamster, such as almonds, garlic, peanuts, kidney beans, chocolate, onion, rhubarb and iceberg lettuce. Those foods can’t be consumed by hamster, because they can give negative effect to your hamster.

The best way you should do is feeding your hamster with good foods for hamster. Some good foods for hamster are insect larvae, larger insects, seeds, and cereal. You can also mix some good foods for your hamster. Finally, your hamster will be healthy. Well, hopefully some information about “Can hamster eat portabella mushroom?” above will give you reference about best and worst foods for your hamster.