Can Hamster Eat Radishes without Suffering from Health Problems?

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017. | Hamsters

Hamsters eat various vegetables but can hamsters eat radishes? It is very important question especially if you can easily find radishes in your living area. Just find the answer for the safety of your cute hamsters.

Can hamsters eat radishes

Type of the hamster

To answer this question, you should know the type of your hamster first. Specific hamster such as Syrian and Roborovski hamsters are allowed to eat radishes without any health issues. On the other hand, radishes are not allowed for several species such as Winter White Dwarfs, Chinese hamster, and Russian Campbell Dwarf hamsters.

Why some hamsters are allowed to eat radishes and some of them are not allowed to eat it? To answer is about the nutrition of this vegetable. 100 gram radish contains of energy, carbohydrate, calcium, sugar, vitamin, mineral, and many more. You can let your beloved Syrian and Roborovski hamsters eat radishes because those two species of hamsters need calcium, sugar and the acidic contents. The most important thing, don’t give them too many radish. Just give the hamsters a few slices of radishes and that’s enough for them. Give your hamsters too many radishes can make them sick and even death. In contrast, don’t give radish to specific hamsters such as Chinese hamsters, Winter White Dwarfs, and all species mentioned above. The simple reason is because the sugar contains on the radish. Eating radish can increase their sugar blood level. Believe it or not, your hamsters will have to face diabetes problem and it is unhealthy for them.


The most common problem is that beginner hamster owners tend to be excited to give food to this cute animal. As the result, they give it without any exact portion. As long as the hamsters eat them all, they will give it all day long. Actually, it is a wrong way of feeding your beloved hamster. Let say, radish contains of carbohydrate and fat and giving this vegetable without any exact portion leads your hamsters into obesity problem. The good news, radish contains of vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, vitamin C, and many more. Those essential compounds are needed by your lovely hamsters so they can grow well. They play and run actively along with clean eyes and shining fur.

The best way to feed your hamsters is by giving them various types of vegetables. Besides giving the hamster radish, you can also mix it with carrot, cucumber, potato, eggplant, and many more. For their safety, don’t forget to slice radish or any kind of vegetables you want to give to the hamster into small parts. Just make sure that they can use their tiny hand to take the radish and let them nibbling with their small teeth happily until their stomach full.


So, if you are asking about can hamsters eat radishes? Just consider the explanation above first. When everything is okay, it means you may give your beloved hamster a radish for their side dish and keep them stay healthy and active all day long without nothing to worry about.