Can hamsters and sugar-gliders share cages? Will they get along?

Tuesday, November 28th 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters and sugar-gliders share cages?” It probably becomes your ultimate question if you have these two cute animals as pets. Living environment is very important for both hamsters and sugar gliders. So, make sure you don’t place them in one cage until you get the right answer for that question.

Can hamsters and sugar-gliders share cages

The Characteristics of Hamsters and Sugar-Gliders

Even though sugar glider and hamster is both small and cute, they actually belong in different species. While hamster is a rodent, sugar glider belongs to the marsupial species. From this fact alone, we can see that both animals are actually very different.

In terms of characteristics, they are also very different. Hamsters are known to be a solitary animal. They can survive well without frequent companion and in fact, they prefer to live alone. Hamsters are also very territorial and unless it is breeding season, they will not hesitate to attack any animals that live inside the cage with them.

Sugar gliders in the other hand, are very different. They are social animal that always love company. In their natural habitat, this animal lives in pack so they will get depressed if they are left alone in their cage. It will be much better if you own more than one sugar glider.

When you purchase the sugar-gliders, the seller might suggest you to purchase two so they can live as a pair. Of course this is a very ideal condition that will ensure the happiness of your pet. However, considering the price of this animal and the cost of its maintenance, it is not a problem if you can only afford one. Just make sure that you spend plenty of times to play with it so the lovely marsupial will not feel lonely and end up die of depression.

Can Hamsters and Sugar-Gliders Live Together?

So, let’s go back to our question. Can hamsters and sugar-gliders share cages? Based on the characteristics of the two animals, unfortunately the answer is no. Hamsters might look nice and all, but with their territorial behavior, they will instantly kill the sugar-glider once you put the unsuspecting animal into the hamster cage.

Furthermore, even though sugar-gliders are not exactly known as an aggressive creature, they are pretty good in defending themselves. Sugar gliders have long nails which certainly can hurt its opponents. They can even hurt you if they feel threatened, let alone a hamster. If the sugar glider is bigger than the hamster, there is also a possibility that it will eat the hamster.

Besides, sugar gliders are more active compared to hamsters. While hamsters will be more than happy with a simple rolling platform in their small cage, small hamster cage will stress the sugar-gliders. As a part of marsupial species, they need a huge space to move and glide. Putting the gliders in a tiny hamster cage certainly can depress them.


So, now that it is clear that hamsters and sugar gliders belong in different species, have contrasting personalities and living requirements, you should not put them in a same cage so that they can enjoy their life.