Can hamsters drink water from a bowl and not a water bottle?

Monday, December 25th 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters drink water from a bowl and not a water bottle? For you the hamster lovers and owners, it is indeed important to make sure that your pets are fed well. One of them is about how they drink. The best way to treat the hamsters drink is by using the water bottle. In certain conditions, you may need to use other ways. Using the bowl, your hamsters can drink the water for sure. However, it is not recommended for the exception that the situation may let you do that. Why? Here is the explanation.

Can hamsters drink water from a bowl and not a water bottle

The House Getting Wet

This is the main problem. Hamsters are not dogs or cats that can manage well their ways of drinking in the bowl. The common problem is that the house is getting wet so that it is not good for the hamsters themselves. Yes, they find it uncomfortable and will do some other unnecessary things. The worse matter is when they are getting sick due to the environment which is not friendly enough. If there is no other choice except preparing the water in the bowl, you need to clean the house up when it is already wet. Unfortunately, the cleaning activity can be too often for this problem.


It is still related to the wet above. As you know, hamster’s house must have some other things including the sawdust and the food. Sawdust becomes the main reason why hamsters should drink through water bottle. When it is wet, the house becomes so dirty. The dirt can even be on the entire house and it is quite difficult to clean up. The main solution is by letting them drinking through bowl without any sawdust around. The bowl can be placed outside or the sawdust should not be on the house until the hamster finish to drink.

The Growth of Fungi

The worse condition is when there are fungi around due to the wet house along with sawdust. Sure, it will influence the hamsters’ health so much. Dirty house with fungi can cause some problems including irritation, digestive problems, itch, and even death when you let it be for a long time. So, be sure that the house is clean and dry in general.

Water Bottle is still the Best

Once you have committed to keep hamsters, the water bottle must be on your list. There are some benefits of water bottle that cannot be found from the bowl. First, it is the best way of drinking. The bottle that is vertically placed on the house with small straw on the tip can just ease the hamsters more while drinking. It is good for their digestive system as well. This way also avoids the water being spread or sprouted so that the house becomes wet. More than that, as it has been mentioned above, it keeps the house clean and dry so that the hamsters feel healthy and more comfortable. So, can hamsters drink water from a bowl and not a water bottle? The answer is no, except in a very critical situation.