Can Hamsters Eat Avocados? A Brief Answer for Hamster Lovers

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017. | Hamsters

Can Hamsters Eat Avocados? It is a shocking question when your friends see your beloved hamster enjoy avocado. The problem is that whether avocado is good for hamster or not. Let’s found out it by reading this article.

Can hamsters eat avocados

Is it poisonous for hamster?

In short, answer you may give your hamster avocado but it is not recommended. This is because avocado is not a poisonous fruit for hamster. The most important, don’t give them too many avocado or even use this fruit as their regular food. The health impact is not too serious but in the long term your beloved hamster will be unhealthy. The first reason is because hamster has skin problem along with dry or brittle hair. Avocado will make their problem even worse than before. Moreover, avocado is a great source of fat and calories. Just like human, hamster is not allowed to eat too much fat and calories otherwise they will suffer from overweight. With overweight problem, hamster is difficult to move and run.

Sometimes, your cute hamster is suffered from chronic fatigue. As the result, they don’t want to move and passive and it is not a cute attitude for a healthy hamster. Just be careful because a passive hamster can be the sign that they are depression. If you still give them avocado without considering this information, the risk of suffered from diabetes, heart attack, and shortened lifespan is bigger. This is also the reason why big size of overweight hamster is not allowed to eat avocado. Instead of giving avocado just substitute it with carrot, apple, cabbage, broccoli, celery, or cucumber.

Even if there is nothing happened related to their health condition but the risk of cheek pouch is bigger. This is due to the avocado sticky texture. Such kind of condition is very dangerous for your hamster. Without proper treatment, they can die because of cheek pouch. You may consult to your veterinarian for better and health option. So, if you are serving mix fruits for your hamster, just make sure that there is no avocado on the bowl. You don’t need to be disturbed with the question can hamsters eat avocados? You know the answer and the short explanation. Hamsters also need to eat fruits and vegetables once or twice a week. Don’t forget to check the impact after they eat certain fruit. There is a possibility that they are suffered from diarrhea after eating specific fruit and it might be after eating avocado. Don’t panic with this condition. Just stop to give them with the fruit and try to find the substitute. The fruits and vegetables have to be clean and free from dangerous chemicals. Then, slice them into small pieces so your hamster can take it and eat smoothly. Pay attention also on the portion. A small hamster doesn’t need too much fruits and vegetables. Try to feed them in small amount first and add it slowly later.

What you should do next?

Find also the list of safety fruits and vegetables for hamster and make sure that you have enough stock in the refrigerator. So, can hamster eat avocados? You would better not give them this fruit and try different fruits or vegetables for healthy option.