Can Hamsters Eat Bird Food Instead of Hamster Food? Find It Here

Saturday, December 2nd 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat bird food instead of hamster food? Actually, a hamster can eat all the food but you have to be careful with the food you give to the hamster. Hamster diets require foods with high fiber content and low fat. You have to keep that in mind when giving food to hamsters.

Can hamsters eat bird food instead of hamster food

How to feed Hamster

Fruit can be a good meal but you can only give the fruit in small quantities. This is because the fruit has natural sugar content or called fructose. Fructose can make your hamster fat. If your hamsters eat too much fruit, then the hamster can experience diarrhea. You may not provide any food already processed by the manufacturer to humans. The food contains additives, salts, and sugars. You may not provide raw red meat or cooked meat for your hamster. Hamsters also cannot eat dog and cat food. Do not give green vegetables like lettuce and cabbage because hamsters are rodents. You have to keep the hamster from getting a natural diet.

A good hamster food mix with a good brand is the right diet for the hamster. These food products can provide the nutrients your hamster needs. There are a variety of mixtures that can be bought in the market but you have to choose foods with a balanced composition. Maybe you find a cheap brand but the brand can only fill the stomach of a hamster without providing proper nutrition. You can provide natural food for humans such as potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, fresh vegetables, plain yogurt, and so forth. You should not give other animal food for your hamster. The food has a different composition.

Bird Seeds for Hamster

The only bird seeds that can be consumed by hamsters are millets. You can buy Wild Bird Premiums that are sold at pet stores. This product contains wheat and broken corn. This product is available in small size. You can get the mixture at a cheap price. The normal mixture can dilute the food but you should know there is a mixture that is not eaten by the hamster such as peas, lemongrass maize, and grass pellets. The best step is to add other seeds that can be consumed by the hamster. Dwarf hamsters love food with many variations. Maybe you should prepare a variety of food for the hamster. You should find out about foods that can be consumed by hamsters before giving the birds seeds.


Do not give the excessive amount of food because the hamster will not eat the food. Hamsters have big, fat cheeks. Hamsters can hide food inside cheeks. The hamster will remove the food to keep the food under the bed. This is a bad habit because the hamster cage will get dirty. You can smell the ammonia from the cage mixed with dirt and hamsters. You should give the food in the right dosage so that the hamster will chew all the food without remaining. This is the best step to maintain the cleanliness of the hamster cage. If you do not want the cage to smell bad, then you can clean the cage every day. That’s the answer to can hamsters eat bird food instead of hamster food?