Can hamsters eat cake?

Friday, February 23rd 2018. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat cake? Have you ever thought to give your hamsters cake you usually eat? Sometimes, there are probably no more meals for the hamsters and for some reasons; you cannot spare time to buy it. Maybe, one thing comes to your mind is giving them your meals including cake. Whether it is good or not, here is the explanation.

Can hamsters eat cake

Hamsters Basically Can Eat Anything

That’s true; hamsters basically can anything as long as they are good and healthy meals. However, many kinds of meals should not be consumed regularly. For regular meal, hamsters should eat something hard and coarse like grain and seeds since they need to treat their teeth for not growing faster.  So, whatever the conditions make sure that you always give them those foods. While the others, it is okay to give them sometimes including the cakes, fruits, and vegetables as long as they are not too much.

The Effects of Giving Hamsters Too Much Cake

Cake has smooth and soft texture and when it is chewed by hamsters, it tends to be attached on their teeth. Meanwhile, it also cannot be functioned to flatten their teeth that are grown. That’s why, it is not recommended to give them hamsters too often soft-textured foods including the cakes. If there are no hamster foods while they are hungry, it is more recommended giving them coarser foods like crackers or cookie.

Another reason why cake is not really recommended is for its high level of sugar. For hamsters, it is actually a big no since the effects are quite terrible. High level of sugar gives some bad effects for their health including diarrhea. Therefore, when you must give them the cake, the low sugar is much better. Yes, just like human, they need diet also while sugar is a substance that can just make it fail.


Sure, hamsters need nutrition more than what they find from grains or seeds. Therefore, giving them other kinds of foods is undeniably needed. What you need to consider is about the amount. Make sure that the cake given is only tiny piece. Undeniably, there are many cases in which the hamsters just like it so much. But it should not be a reason to give them the cake too much. Aside from that, consider also how many times to give them this kind of foods. You should not give them every day. Yes, around once a day is enough to avoid too much consumption of sugar.

Here is the case; you probably give them the cake when there are no hamster foods at all. It is not a bad solution but you should combine it with any other foods including the fruits and vegetables. Although it is not too much, you may also keep a little amount of grain in your refrigerator like rice or corn. Make sure to balance the consumption with those grains to let the hamsters treat their teeth well.

So, can hamsters eat cake? The answer is yes, but don’t be too much.