Can Hamsters Eat Carrot Leaves? Getting to Know the Foods which are Safe for Hamsters

Wednesday, January 3rd 2018. | Hamsters

It is important to know well about hamsters if you love them and even are taking care of them, including getting to know about Can hamsters eat carrot leaves? That may be something interesting to know whether particular kinds of foods are good or bad for hamsters. Perhaps they love to eat something but we need to know whether the food is safe for them or not. It is including about various kinds of vegetables as like the carrot tops or carrot leaves. Many hamsters are in love with this one but it is important to know whether it is a good option of food for the hamsters or not.

Can hamsters eat carrot leaves

Is Carrot Leaf Safe to be eaten by Hamsters?

That is the point of the question which we need to know the first. That is about whether the carrot tops or leaves are safe to be eaten by hamsters or not. Actually both the carrots and the tops or leaves are safe to be eaten by hamsters. Generally most of the types of hamsters can eat carrots including the leaves. Many people feel worried about it since hamsters commonly eat seeds. Still, actually there are some vegetables and fruits which are also safe to be eaten by hamsters. However, you need to still understand that the main foods which are good for them are still seeds even though it does not mean they could not take any other kinds of foods as like fruits and vegetables. You can still give them by knowing the rules to consider first.

What to Consider in Feeding Hamsters Carrot Leaves

Then, Can hamsters eat carrot leaves? The answer is yes, but you need to consider some important things before giving them the carrots or the leaves. Carrot leaves are actually not poisonous for the hamsters but they should be limited. One of them is about the portion and also frequency in giving them the carrot leaves. It is better for limiting the intake of carrot leaves. Do not give them too much carrots leaves. Then, do not give them carrot leaves every day. Sometimes is a good thing to give them carrot leaves. In brief, the carrot leaves can be their casual foods or the snacks. Another thing you need to consider is also to still give lots of seeds as their main foods. Giving them enough water is also important. In additions, carrot leaves also have the good benefits for the hamsters in a right portion.

Getting to Know What Hamsters Can Safely Eat

Actually hamsters can eat lots of things besides the seeds. That is including lots of types of vegetables and fruits. You can give them lots of things which are in the garden. It is including the carrot leaves. Some other kinds of vegetables, herbs, and also fruits which are generally safe to be eaten by hamsters are peppermint, star fruits, cooked potatoes, apples without the seeds, sage, raspberries, fenugreek, avocado (without the skin and seed), broccoli, basil, banana, cauliflowers, celeries, and many more. Some of the foods which are not recommended to be eaten by hamsters are onion, tomato leaves, raw potato, potato top, and so on. The info here may give the clear answer of the question on Can hamsters eat carrot leaves?

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