Can hamsters eat cherries? Safe or Unsafe

Tuesday, November 28th 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat cherries? Why there are many people feeding this fruit to their hamsters? Actually, cherry is one of the most popular snacks for hamster. However, as a responsible owner, you need to check the facts first to make sure it is really good for your pet.

Can hamsters eat cherries

The Nutritional Elements in Cherries

Just like other fruits, cherries contain plenty of nutritional elements. Some of the most important nutrition that cherry can provide includes carbohydrates, sugars, fat, dietary fibers, vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, iron, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

From the nutritional elements alone, we can take a conclusion that cherries are very beneficial for hamsters. Why? It is because to grow well, hamsters need to consume sugars, acid, salt, phosphorus as well as calcium and cherries possess all those great nutrients.

Which Hamsters Can Eat Cherries?

Even though cherries are safe, and even great for hamsters, it doesn’t mean that all hamsters can consume it. As we know, there are several different types of hamsters and each and every one of them has different requirement when it comes to food.

If you own Syrian or Roborovski hamsters, cherries will be great for their development. You can give them one or two cherries every once in a while as an alternative for their other foods.

Unfortunately, if you own tiny dwarf hamsters like Winter White or Russian Campbell, cherries will be bad for their health. This is because cherries contain high amount of sugar. In the meantime, dwarf hamsters are prone to diabetes so they should not consume food with high sugar content.

Important Information about Giving Cherries to Hamsters

Cherries are safe to be eaten by hamsters, but if you are not careful, this sweet fruit can be dangerous as well for your lovely pets. If you want to give cherries to your hamster, make sure you get rid of the stems and the pit beforehand. The stems and the pits can be too hard for their delicate stomach and it will not be good for their digestive system.

Moreover, don’t forget to pay attention to the portion. Even though your hamsters are not prone to diabetes, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to it. You should not forget that cherries are very sweet and it has high sugar amount. If your hamsters eat too much cherry, they will be obese and they can also get diabetes even though they are not prone to the disease.

Remember to pay attention of the portion as well. Cut the cherries into small cuts and give just a small portion every three days or once a week. If you give big portion from the get go, your hamster will not be able to finish them and they will go to waste. Cherries should just be an alternative or additional food. It is not meant to be the main food for your hamster.

So, can hamsters eat cherries? The answer is yes, but in moderation. Don’t forget to double check whether the types of your hamsters are prone to obesity or not before feeding them cherries.