Can Hamsters Eat Cilantro?

Thursday, November 23rd 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat Cilantro? It’s a good question to answer. Cilantro is an annual herb from regions of South Europe and North America. Sometimes, it’s found in Southwestern Asia. It is commonly known to be Chinese parsley or coriander. This herb tends to be easily found in soups, dishes, and salsas. If you have it much at home, you may throw it to your hamster. Is it safe to eat?

Can hamsters eat cilantro

Can You Feed Cilantro to Your Hamster?

When you need to answer the question, yes, you can. Hamster can consume a small number of coriander at once. Though there are some toxic herbs for your pets and hamster, coriander or cilantro is not the only one. It has no toxicity risks related to feed hamster. There are some bites of fresh cilantro to your hamster regularly. The cilantro and the other herbs are green vegetables stimulating some vitamins, antioxidant, and mineral for your hamster. Herb is the best way to mix hamster’s food and add flavor to their food without increasing their calorie intake. As long as you give fresh fruit and vegetables to your hamster, the hamster will feel happy and get healthy.

To convince yourself about can hamsters eat cilantro, it is right to see cilantro’s nutrition and find it more. Cilantro’s nutrition includes much water, phosphorus, and acidic but it has less content of salt and fat. It contains sufficient calcium. Though it is possible to give your hamster, it is not the best food for your hamster. That’s why it is better to mix and match the food given to your hamster.

Health Benefits of Cilantro

There are no studies about long – term effects of cilantro to hamster yet. The cilantro actually brings some health benefits for your hamster. Is it cilantro great for hamster’s health?

  1. Keeping Hamster’s Digestive System

Cilantro is similar to all green vegetables. The cilantro contains a huge content of food fiber being an important component in keeping a healthy digestive system. To make a digestive system run properly, your hamster needs to consume fibered food in a medium number. The cilantro becomes the best choice.

  1. Preventing Constipation

Fiber in fresh vegetable portion helps your hamster’s digestive system by absorbing the water. It is helpful to prevent constipation. When you want to give cilantro, make sure that you monitor the water consumption of your hamster. High fiber diet but lack of water is actually bad for constipation. So, you must be aware of.

  1. Reducing Hamster’s Fat

Fresh vegetable like cilantro is the best drug choice for your hamster. It is useful to keep body weight and reduce body fat. This high fiber food contains low calorie making it easily digested. It doesn’t spend more spaces in hamster’s stomach. It is giving extra energy to hamster for doing activities.

  1. Containing High Antioxidant

One of the huge benefits of cilantro for hamster’s health is containing high antioxidant. The cilantro is ensured to prevent some diseases of hamster. Antioxidant helps your hamster’s body to neutralize dangerous particles and free radicals. It prevents deadly diseases attacking your hamster. Can hamsters eat cilantro? Of course, it can.