Can Hamsters Eat Cookies? How to Safely Pick Snacks for Your Hamster

Saturday, December 16th 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamster eat cookies? It is a common question by some of hamster owners. If this animal is allowed to eat, it seems that they want to give cookies anytime they eat it. So, this is the fact.

Can hamsters eat cookies

Cookies Ingredients

Before answering this question, you should know the ingredients and the compounds of the cookies first. In general, cookies are made of eggs, flour, sugar, butter, fat, and oil. Some cookies are also contains of raisin, oat, chocolate chips, and nuts. From this explanation those ingredients are only for human and not good for specific animals including hamsters. So, can hamsters eat cookies? The answer is no!

The Other Reasons

The ingredients are not only the reason why hamster is not allowed to eat cookies. There are also the other reasons why it is dangerous to give your lovely hamsters cookies. The first reason is because cookies contain a lot of sugar. Too much sugar leads to diabetes for human. This is the same case if hamster eats too much sugar. It is unhealthy for this cute animal. Moreover, due to the ingredients there is no nutritional benefit for hamster although they only eat in small portion. Just imagine if they eat unhealthy foods all the time. It gives significant impact to the hamsters. For example, they will suffer from weight loss problem, passive, and finally die.

Healthy Foods for Hamsters

Instead of giving your lovely hamsters cookies, it is better to give something healthy which contain of essential compounds. The best foods for hamsters are fruits, vegetables, and mixed seeds. To give more nutrition, you may give them water and pellets. Those two ingredients are good for their diet program. By giving those healthy foods regularly, you can keep the weight of the hamster and avoid overweight problem. The most important, those healthy foods increase the life expectation of your hamsters. Healthy means that the hamsters are active, having shiny fur, and ideal weight.

Food Variation for Hamsters

There are several easy to buy foods for your beloved hamsters. If you don’t have time to find natural foods for the hamsters, you can just directly go to the pet shop. The pet shop will gives you pellets as the main recommendation. To give them more variation and nutrition you can also give mix fruits and vegetables. The suggested fruits and vegetables for hamsters are apple, carrot, and cucumber. Just make sure that you don’t give it too much. Hamster is only a small animal so they don’t eat a lot. A cup of mix fruits and vegetable or pellets is enough to keep their stomach full. If it is difficult to find apple you may substitute it with banana, peach, pear, cauliflower, and broccoli. It is great to give them special treatment such as hardboiled egg or mealworm and crickets if you want to find it.

This information is clear enough to answer your question that it is not allowed to give your hamsters cookies. So, you can eat the cookies and let your hamsters eat their healthy foods. Explain it to your friends if they are asking about can hamsters eat cookies?