Can hamsters eat dry oats?

Friday, November 3rd 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat dry oats? This question is often asked by the owners of hamsters indeed. Why? It is because of the fact that oats are more easily found anywhere as it is basically foods for human. However, is it safe enough for the hamsters to consume oat particularly the dry one? Before making a conclusion, it is better to analyze their characteristics, what should be eater by hamsters as well as what contains in the dry oats. Here is the explanation.

Can hamsters eat dry oats

The Characteristics of Hamsters

Just like other animals, hamsters may need foods that are not only nutritious but also necessary for their condition. This pet is mostly coming from the areas of mountains, deserts, and meadows. They are also a kind of rodents in which their teeth are always growing up every day so that they need to rub it to make it not easily longer. For the teeth fact and inner anatomy, they need dry grains as the staple food. Just imagine giving them wet or soft food, it will be really disastrous for them since it will be stuck anywhere as well as the teeth will be getting longer. So, you should not be surprised if your hamsters are being fiercer because they don’t get appropriate foods.

Foods from Hamsters

There are some kinds of nutrition mainly needed by a hamster; they are protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral, and water. Protein and vitamins are needed to grow and tissue formation as well as keep them healthy. Meanwhile, carbohydrate and fat are energy sources. Then, mineral and water are needed to support their digestive system. Such nutrition can be found from certain foods including millet, soybean, rice, dry corn, peanut, wheat grain, canary grass seed, fish oil, sunflower seed tofu, white egg, dry carrot, honey water, and of course pure water. Make sure to give them those foods alternately to balance the nutrition consumed. For sweet ingredients like honey, it is better not to give them too often. It is indeed good for adding energy and keeping the metabolism balance. However, it contains high amount of sugar. There is additional information for you; hamsters are pets that can be susceptible to diabetes. Therefore, too much sugar consumption is a big “no”.

Can hamsters eat dry oats anyway?

From the list of foods for hamster mentioned above, there is wheat grain that is indeed full of both essential and non-essential amino acid good for anybody who consumes it. Meanwhile, there are also protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins, and many more that are recommended for hamsters. As you know, oats are one of the products produced from wheat grain. Therefore, it can be concluded that dry oats are fine for hamsters. Another product from wheat grain recommended for your hamsters is barley. However, before giving them the oat, make sure that it is sugar-free and without artificial flavors and preservatives. Besides, raw oats are better than the cooked ones even if they are still dry. So, can hamsters eat dry oats? The answer is yes.