Can Hamsters Eat Funyuns?

Saturday, April 21st 2018. | Hamsters

Funyuns is one of delicious snacks for some people. The problem is that some hamster owners want to give it to their beloved hamsters. Can hamsters eat Funyuns? Just read the explanation below first before giving it to your hamster.

Onion Flavor in Funyuns

One of favorite Funyuns snacks is onion flavor. Onion or even the flavor is dangerous for hamster. This is due to the nutritional fact which contain of acid, sugar, fat, calcium, and salt. The biggest compounds in onion are acid, water and sugar. Hamster is not tolerated those kinds of ingredients and cause diarrhea. In serious condition, you hamster can be suffered from serious illnesses and finally die.

Can Hamsters Eat Funyuns

Corn in Funyuns for Hamsters

How about the corn which is the main ingredient of Funyuns? Actually, hamsters are allowed to eat corn but you have to notice that it is a fresh corn. The amount of the corn is also small and you can only give them once in every two or three days. So, can hamsters eat Funyuns? No, they aren’t allowed to eat though it is made of corn. Just focus on the additional ingredients mixed there especially the salt and onion powder. Those two ingredients are big no for hamsters. Too much salt and onion powder will kill your beloved hamster although it seems that they love to eat it. So, it is better not to give them Funyuns otherwise you will see something wrong with those hamsters and even you see them die.

Homemade Foods for Hamsters

There is solution if you want to give different type of foods instead of giving Funyuns. You just need to prepare specific healthy ingredients such as nuts, seeds, beans, and low starch vegetables. Then, wash those ingredients with water and let them dry for a few minutes. Cut those ingredients in small pieces and mix them. Put the mixture on a small bowl and let your cute hamster enjoy it. This food is healthier for hamster because they are natural, dry, and rich of carbohydrate, protein, and fats. Those three compounds are needed by hamster to keep them healthy and active. If you love to cook, try to create some biscuits and puddings for them. You can buy plain pudding powder and mix it with banana and honey. Cook those ingredients and let the pudding cold then serve to the hamsters. Try to make biscuit from fresh bread, chopped veggies, sunflower seeds, and nuts. Create a small biscuit and serve to them. Definitely, they will love it and the most important those foods are healthier than Funyuns.

Best Foods for Hamsters

The best food for hamster is of course their own foods such as insect, small animals, nuts, and many more. You can also buy hamster foods at the trusted pet shops close to your living area. If you want to give something new, you may go to the vet first and consult about it. Just remember, Funyuns is produced for human and not for animal so don’t give it to the hamsters at all. Anytime someone ask about can hamsters eat Funyuns? You can absolutely answer it along with the complete reason.