Can Hamsters Eat Grass and Is It Safe for Them?

Saturday, November 25th 2017. | Hamsters

If you often let your hamsters play outdoors, you definitely notice that they love to chew the grass on your front lawn. You probably will have some questions after seeing that. Can hamsters eat grass? Is it even safe for them? To answer your questions, let’s read the explanations below.

Can hamsters eat grass

Can Hamsters Eat Grass?

If you notice your hamsters happily eating the grass, you don’t have to worry at all because it is completely okay. As a matter of fact, it is very natural for hamsters to consume grass.

If you love taking your hamsters to play outside, just let them eat the grass because it is safe for them. Furthermore, if you are thinking of giving new food variations for your hamster, you can also add grass to their menu. Even though it doesn’t exactly contain any great substances for their health, grass is refreshing so hamsters really love chewing on it.

So, even though you are worried that your hamsters will escape if you let them play outdoors, you can still feed them some grass on their cage. You can buy fresh grass from the pet store or you can simply cut some from your front lawns.

Important Things about Letting Your Hamsters Eat Grass

Even though grass doesn’t really have any negative effects for hamsters, it doesn’t mean that it is okay to proceed without caution. If you are not careful, grass can also harm your hamsters so make sure you pay attention to these following things before you feed your hamsters with grass.

  1. Don’t Let Them Eat Too Much Grass

Grass is safe. But if the hamsters eat too much of it, their stomach will be upset. This is because the texture of the grass can be too hard for the hamsters’ delicate digestive system.

  1. Don’t Feed Your Hamsters Sprayed Grass

Grass can be harmful for your hamsters if it is sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides are poisonous for hamsters and the effect will be fatal if they eat grass contaminated with pesticides. Furthermore, if you have other pets and they urinate on the grass, it can also be dangerous for your hamsters. So, if you frequently spray your grass, you should not let your hamsters play there and eat the grass. If you still want to feed some grass for your hamsters, it is best if you buy fresh grass at the pet stores.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Hamsters When They Are Outdoors

Playing outdoors can be a great activity for your hamsters. Not only they can eat their favorite grass, they can also enjoy some physical activity. Hamsters are prone to obesity so exercise is a must. However, you should keep an eye on them all the time because such a small creature can easily escape from your lawn.

The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to feed your hamsters with grass. However, pay attention to the three things above so nothing bad will happen to your hamsters. Most importantly, give them other nutritional foods as well so your hamsters will grow healthily.