Can Hamsters Eat Pancakes?

Sunday, April 22nd 2018. | Hamsters

Most people want to give anything they eat to their hamsters including pancake. But can hamsters eat pancakes? Read the information below for the safety of your lovely hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Pancakes

Human Pancakes for Hamsters

To answer the question, you need to know the ingredients of the pancake itself. Most pancakes are made of starch along with milk, butter and eggs. This mixture is cooked with oil or butter in a pan. You also add some toppings or fillings to make the pancake more delicious. The interesting question is can hamsters eat pancakes? Gladly, you may give pancake to your cute hamsters. The caution is that they can only eat small amount of pancake. Don’t give them too much to prevent unwanted condition. Moreover, you also have to make sure that the pancake is made without artificial sweetener, color, flavor, and lemon juice. It is not allowed to give a small piece of cold pancake. Too much pancake disturbs the digestive system and trigger diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, and even serious illnesses which lead to death. In short, pancake is allowed in very small portion but it is not a recommended food for hamsters.

Special Pancake and Biscuit for Hamsters

If you really want to give pancake to your lovely hamsters especially on your special days, you can consider cooking it by yourself. Just prepare several ingredients safe for hamsters such as banana, raisin, and honey. Smash banana and add some honey and raisin. Stir this mixture until it is mixed well. Mold the mixture just like a pancake and serve to the hamsters. You can also give special biscuit safer than your favorite pancake. To cook a biscuit for hamster, you have to prepare nut spread, plain cereal, carrot, fresh bread, sunflower seeds, and cheese. Mix all the ingredients and mold the mixture just like when you make biscuit. The different is that you have to mold it in small piece. If it is ready, give the biscuit to your lovely hamsters. All the ingredients are safe for hamsters than pancake for human. Next time, you may eat your pancake and let the hamsters eat their own pancake or biscuit. Though the ingredients are safe, you also need to give it for small portion especially if it is their first time trial. Some of hamsters are picky and they don’t like to eat new foods. Force them to eat something new in bigger portion higher the risk of upset stomach or diarrhea.

Tips before Giving Foods to Hamsters

For those who want to keep your hamsters health and active, just give them hamster food. Then, consult any kind of new foods especially human foods you want to give to the hamsters to the professional vet. Follow the instruction from the vet and give the food in the right portion. You may serve the foods creatively including creating a pancake or biscuit for hamsters. The most important, finally you know can hamsters eat pancakes? You can also explain the reason as well as give the best alternative for those who want to give different foods for hamsters without triggering any health problems and you will be happy with that.