Can hamsters eat peanut butter?

Monday, April 23rd 2018. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat peanut butter? It is better to know how the digestive system of hamster itself before acknowledging whether a hamster can eat this or that or not. This small and cute animal is actually a kind of omnivores. It means that a hamster can eat anything. However, there are foods that a hamster must like; it is the grains.

Can hamsters eat peanut butter

Grains as Daily Food for Hamsters

Grains are considered as the best foods for hamsters for several reasons. The teeth of this animal can just be easily grown up. When it is long enough, it gives the feeling of uncomfortable and of course, it is not good for the health of hamster itself. To keep it short, a hamster should eat food with quite hard texture. It is also a way to make the teeth sharper as well. Therefore, the hard-texture grain should be their daily foods including soy bean, red rice, dry corn, and some others. Despite they are indeed good for hamster’s teeth, those foods are nutritious enough to avoid them being suffered from certain diseases.

Despite giving those grains in right composition, a hamster still needs additional foods like vegetables and fruits. However, those foods should not be given daily. Again, their teeth are the big problem here. Fruits and vegetables tend to have smooth and soft textures. They are not able to prevent the growth of hamster’s teeth anyway. Make sure to give them fruits and vegetables like once in two days and still prioritize the hard grains for them.

How about Peanut Butter

If soft texture foods like fruits and vegetables are not really recommended, the same cases should also be done for the softer one like butter. Such foods can even be worse. Butter has tendency to be easily attached to the teeth. So, it is not only doing nothing for the growth of teeth matter. Many hamsters even find butter is really difficult to be digested.

Indeed, the content of peanut itself is actually quite beneficial for them. They are full of nutrition in which every hamster must need it. Unfortunately, the nutrition may not be delivered well to the hamster’s body due to its texture. Packaged peanut butter also gives some more problems. It contains more sugar and calories that must be not good for the health and growth and hamsters. Although it is not really harmful as long as it is given in tiny amount, it becomes another reason why peanut butter for hamsters should be avoided.


Except in an urgent situation, it is recommended for you not to give your hamsters peanut butter. Indeed, it contains nutrition that is necessary for your hamsters. For in some cases like packaged or factory butter, the amount of sugar and calorie is too much and it is not recommended for this animal. Besides, the most important thing is about the texture of butter which is too soft and sticky. For their teeth, this is of course not good at all.

So, can hamsters eat peanut butter? It is not for the exception in the urgent situations.