Can Hamsters Eat Potato Chips?

Monday, February 26th 2018. | Hamsters

Hamster is a cute pet to have at home. It makes you happy when you see its activities and actions. Moreover, when you see it running, it looks so cute and funny. For the beginners having hamster at home, surely you get confused on selecting the best foods for your hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Potato Chips

Potato Chips and Hamster

Can hamsters eat potato chips? Can hamster eat vegetables? Those questions are often asked in your mind. When you give a wrong food, your hamster can get attacked by some diseases. What is hamster’s food? Most of the people surely answer sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds actually cannot become main food for your hamster. It makes your hamsters overweight and easily gets sick. Giving sunflower seeds is maximally 4 to 6 seeds per a day. It is important to avoid sunflower seeds to be snack. It is making your hamster fur fall. Moreover, if you hamster has long hair, it affects badly to your hamster.

Hamster’s Food

Hamster is omnivore animal that is able to eat all seeds. The seeds become a famous hamster’s food. But, hamster requires vitamins, vegetables, and fruits as well. Can hamsters eat potato chips for snacks? You have to understand the benefits of eating potato chips for your hamster.

Daily Hamster’s Foods

For hamster’s main food, you should choose balance nutrition and contain low fat and protein. The appropriate foods for main food for your hamster include soybean, green beans, red rice, rice, and corn. Those foods can be mixed with a right composition. Green beans and soybean can be eaten by hamsters though it is hard. It is caused that your hamsters have sharp teeth. Those foods are useful to stimulate hamster’s teeth. You can buy the selected seeds in pet shop with differently available brands.

Hamster’s Snacks

Seeds become a daily food for your hamster. But, your hamster requires fiber and vitamins for its body. Fruits and vegetables can be given for your hamster meeting its vitamin and nutrition. The examples of hamster’s snacks are apple, strawberry, lettuce, cabbage, and many more. If you feed vegetables and fruits, you need to select it well. Choose fresh vegetables and fruits because it is easily decayed.

You may also feed your hamster potato chips as a snack. Potato chips are thin slices of potato that has been cooked by some ways. It is possibly cooked by frying or baking until it gets so crunchy. It is mostly given for your hamsters to be snack. It is produced with some additional flavors or seasoning. This is still possible to give your hamster. However, make sure that you don’t give it very often. Just give it once in a month. It contains high salt and endangers your hamsters if it is given regularly. Your hamster can be overweight and easily sick. Moreover, if your hamster is pregnant, potato chips must be kept away from the list of hamster’s snacks. Prefer giving the other snacks to your hamster. Can hamsters eat potato chips? It depends on situation and condition actually.