Can hamsters eat raw oats?

Friday, November 3rd 2017. | Hamsters

Can hamsters eat raw oats? For you who have a plan to keep hamsters as pet in the near future. Acknowledging how it lives and the foods to eat are very important. Wrong treatments can be risky by remembering that hamsters are small creatures with body anatomy that tends to be fragile. Meanwhile, oats are considered as one of human foods good for hamsters. Is that true? Read the following explanation anyway.

Can hamsters eat raw oats

The Origins of Hamsters

Hamsters originally live in high areas like mountains but uniquely they can also be found on desert and meadows. Sure, the types of those hamsters are different since the places have different temperature as well. Interestingly, it is not difficult for hamsters to adapt new places. As long as they are not placed in extreme temperature, they can just live well. Aside from that, they are also categorized as rodent animals. It means that their teeth will always grow when they are not being rubbed off. The way hamster rubs off the teeth is by eating dry and coarse foods. It can be concluded that dry and coarse foods are the best for hamsters. It doesn’t mean hamsters cannot eat soft and wet foods at all. However, they may not feel comfortable since the foods are sticky and they cannot be used to rub off the teeth. For this matter, raw oats fulfill a criteria; it is dry and coarse enough for hamsters.

The Kinds of Nutrition Better Given

There are some kinds of nutrition considered the best for hamsters. Well, it can be even said that the nutrition is their main necessities; they are protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral, and water. Protein is important to grow and form body’s issues. A hamster needs protein for around 14%-18% for their total nutrition. Meanwhile, carbohydrate and fat are sources of energy. But you must be aware also; consuming them too much is dangerous for them. Next, vitamin is needed to prevent them for certain diseases. Besides, they also need mineral and water to keep the metabolism balance. Raw oats, on the other hand, contain amount of protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, and some minerals like Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and so forth. Therefore, at this point, they are fine for hamsters.

Best Foods for Hamsters

It is actually easy to find foods for hamsters. Some foods considered the best for hamsters are including soybean, millet, peanut, wheat grain, dry corn, sunflower seeds, canary seeds, and many more. Sometimes, it is okay to give them tofu and white egg but not too often. Remember, tofu and white eggs tend to be soft and wet; not really good for hamsters’ teeth. Well, wheat grain is the main ingredient for dry oats. In other words, it is recommended enough for your hamsters with exceptions that they are not added by artificial flavoring, preservatives, and colors. Raw oats are even more recommended than the cooked ones. Why? It is more comfortable to them to eat something coarse but also in the form of tiny grain. So, this is the answer for can hamsters eat raw oats?