Can Hamsters Eat Rice Chex or Corn Flakes?

Monday, February 26th 2018. | Hamsters

Hamster is a cute animal that is suitable for being your pet at home. Hamster doesn’t make your house messy and dirty because it usually eats seeds and dry foods. You can give it rice, corn, chips, and many other foods. Can hamsters eat rice chex or corn flakes? Both corn flakes and rice chex seem to be weird foods for your hamster.

Can hamsters eat rice chex or corn flakes

The Best Hamster’s Food

The best hamster food still holds imported manufacturing hamster foods. Though it becomes the best one, you must be careful in selecting the right imported food for your hamster. Some imported foods contain much food coloring, sunflower seeds, and the other ingredients that are affecting badly for your hamster. Some types of fruits and nuts can be given once a week in a limited number. Some given foods can be snack to your hamster. The food is only given to be snack not main dish because it causes nutrition imbalance, urinating system damage, diarrhea, and pregnancy problems due to obesity.

Apple, pear, banana, carrot, and sweet corn in a huge number can cause hair fall. The potato must be boiled first. Nut, almond, soybean, crackers, corn flakes, and oatmeal can be given occasionally to your hamster. Unhealthy foods for your hamster are lettuce, green vegetables, cucumber, orange, citrus, chocolate, and seasoned foods.

Hamster’s Drink

Hamster gets water from vegetables. For example, if you don’t often provide special water bottle in pet shop, your hamster gets lack of water. Hamster’s drink is cooked water. Don’t give raw water because it contains germ and bacteria. The cleanliness of bottle must be kept all the time. It is better to avoid giving human’s milk. After keeping foods and drinks for your hamster, don’t forget to concern on the hamster’s treatment.

Can Hamsters Eat Corn Flakes?

Cornflake is breakfast cereal consisting of baked flakes made of corn. The cereal was created by Dr John Harvey Kellogg in 1894. Corn flakes are usually served chilled with milk and sugar. Can hamsters eat chex rice or corn flakes? This seems to be a most asked question for feeding your hamster. The plaid corn flakes have been seasoned by salt, sugar, and malt with additional ingredients such as honey, sugar, and many more. This food is usually eaten by human. But, it is possible to eat hamster. The hamsters can eat it at a small number. You should be smart in selecting corn flakes. Don’t choose flavoring corn flakes. Good corn flakes are useful to train hamsters for biting and wonting. It may cause danger but it doesn’t get allowed to be a replacement food. It shouldn’t be snacks.

What about chex rice for your hamster? Chex rice is good and healthy for your hamster. But, don’t give peanut jam for your hamster. The hamsters have no vomiting reflexes and they tend to choke because they are unable to digest high fat concentration. The flakes are good as long as it is not covered by sugar. Some are suggested to give cottage cheese, apple sauce, and some slices of vegetables. Can hamsters eat chex rice or corn flakes? Surely, they can eat it.