Can Hamsters Eat Satsuma? The Effects for Their Health

Saturday, April 21st 2018. | Hamsters

Hamsters can eat fruits and vegetables but can hamsters eat Satsuma? Let’s find out the answer first so you know whether you are allowed to give Satsuma or not to your cute hamsters.

Can Hamsters eat satsuma

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Hamsters

Before answering the question about can hamsters eat Satsuma? You need to know first what kind of fruits and vegetables allowed to give to them. You may give fresh fruits such as banana, melon, strawberries, apple, and cherries. Moreover, specific fresh vegetable such as bean sprout, carrot, green beans, lettuce, and spinach are also a good food given to your hamster. Don’t give fresh vegetables and fruits too much although they can eat it. The ideal time to give fresh foods for hamsters is once in two or three days. It is also important to treat the fresh foods in the right way before giving it to the hamster. Just wash the fresh vegetables or fruits with water and make sure that they are clean enough. Wait for a few minutes until the vegetables and fruits totally dry. Now, you can give those fresh vegetables and fruits to your lovely hamsters. Giving dirty vegetables and fruits is dangerous because it might contain of bacteria which can cause health problems for the hamsters. Give small portion of fresh foods and let them try it first. This trick is safer instead of let them suddenly eat big portion of vegetables and fruits. It saves hamsters for diarrhea or any kind of tummy problems.

Giving Satsuma to Hamsters

So, how about Satsuma? Can hamsters eat Satsuma? Satsuma is a citrus fruit and looks like an orange. Hamsters are not allowed to eat Satsuma due to its flavor and compounds. The main reason is that Satsuma contains of acid. High level of acid triggers diarrhea or tummy problems for hamsters. Just be careful because some of fruits similar to Satsuma are also forbidden for hamsters such as lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits. Besides those fruits, don’t ever try to give your cute hamster onions, garlic, raw potato, chocolate, pickles, and eggplants otherwise you will see a disaster. Just remember that some of human foods are good for pets but most of them aren’t good enough and even cause serious illnesses.

The Best Foods for Hamsters

If hamsters can’t eat too much fruits and vegetables, so what do you have to give to them for their proper diet? The best thing you can do to take care of them is giving the right food. There are several trusted pet shops which sell high quality foods for hamsters. Those high quality hamster foods are consisting of pellets, cracked corn, grains, and seeds. Be selective on choosing the foods and make sure that there are no additional addictive ingredients and artificial colors and sweeteners. In the wild life, wild hamsters love to eat insects, small animals, and even frogs. You may find those types of natural foods if you can. The key is giving it in small portion first especially if it is a new food and see how the hamsters react to the food. The most important, you don’t need to get confuse any more whether can hamsters eat Satsuma?