Can Hamsters Eat Scrambled Eggs? The Best Way to Cook it for Hamsters

Friday, April 27th 2018. | Hamsters

Some hamster owners tend to give scrambled eggs to their lovely hamsters. So, can hamsters eat scrambled eggs? The information below will answer your curiosity and the truth about scrambled eggs for hamster.

Can hamsters eat scrambled eggs

Best Scrambled Eggs for Hamsters

Most people are cooking scrambled eggs with salt and butter to give flavor. Scrambled egg lovers tend to mix it with milk, cream, or cheese to make it more delicious to eat. The problem is that they tend to give the scrambled egg to their lovely pets including hamsters. The big question, can hamsters eat scrambled eggs? Luckily, hamsters are allowed to eat scrambled eggs as long as you serve it cold and without any additional ingredient especially salt. Specific ingredients can harm your hamsters including diarrhea or stomach ache. In the long term, they will be move slowly and even die.

The Best Portion of Scrambled Eggs for Hamsters

The thing you need to consider is the portion of the scrambled eggs you want to give to the hamsters. Actually, hamsters don’t eat as much as you do so just give them small portion of scrambled eggs. A half of teaspoon is enough for the hamsters. You may give your hamster scrambled eggs because eggs contain of protein which is also good for hamsters. Protein keeps your hamster to get enough energy to run and play all day long. Hamsters with enough protein will be moved actively and looks healthy. Remember! Don’t give yours and if you have to, just cook plain scrambled eggs. Besides controlling the additional ingredients and the portion, you also need to consider about the time to give it. Don’t give scrambled eggs too often although you cook the plain one. A half of teaspoon twice a week is enough for the hamsters and it fills their protein. Actually, hamsters can also eat hardboiled egg if you want to give different alternative along with the same requirements.

Alternative Foods for Hamsters

It is very important to make sure that you give plain scrambled eggs. Certain additional ingredients are dangerous for them. Besides salt, hamsters are also not allowed to eat cheese or at least give them small portion of it. Too much cheese triggers diarrhea or serious sickness and even the risk of death. For those who really want to give cheese to the hamsters, just make sure that you choose mild or low fat cheese. For the safest option, just go to the reputable pet shop close to your living area and find foods for hamster. Commonly, the foods are pellet and mixture seeds and it has been packaged based on the need of the hamsters. There will be no dangerous ingredients on it and hamsters can eat it well to help them healthy and active. So, just make sure that you give the right foods for your beloved hamster and keep them away from dangerous foods so you can see and play with them longer.

Just remember that hamsters are allowed to eat scrambled eggs in a very small portion. Scrambled egg is also not their primary food so don’t give it too often. Now, you know the answer of can hamsters eat scrambled eggs? You can decide the best foods for your lovely hamsters.